An interview with Isami Sano

Isami Sano: K-1 Kickboxing

K-1 is one of the most popular kickboxing promotions in the world. For years, the promotion has given some of the sport’s young fighters a chance to prove they are the best. Having such fighters grace the cage like Alistair Overeem, Cro Cop, Masaaki Noiri and more, K-1 boasts some of the best kickboxing matches of all time. On Volume 7 of K-1 Krush-EX, Isami Sano looks to show up and get out with a win. His opponent is K-1 veteran Takumi Nakahira who is looking to snap a losing streak.

Sano started out kickboxing because of his brother. His younger brother needed to get to practice and Sano was the one to provide someone to go with him. “My younger brother wanted to do it and was forced to take me with him!” says Isami Sano.

Outside of fighting, Sano is just a normal 21 year old. “My hobbies are watching anime and playing games.” When I asked what anime he was into he said Black Clover and DragonBall were two of his favorites to watch.

Isami Sano wants to live the life of a prize fighter. He’s looking for the thrill of the fight and to be paid well for it. “I want to get rich I want to play hard”

Isami Sano at K-1 Krush-EX Vol. 7

Sano has fought all around. From RIZIN to DEEP, he’s been all over Japan in the kickboxing scene. With the prestige that K-1 has, Sano isn’t too worried about it and is there to do what he does best.

When asked if fighting for K-1 was special, Isami Sano said, “I don’t really feel it,” referring to the pressure and glory of fighting for K-1. He’s there as a professional to do his job and to Sano, the stage does not matter.

Despite Nakahira’s losing streak, Sano is prepared to fight the best fight he can in the K-1 co-main event. He believes his opponent is coming to be the best prepared opponent he can be. “I think the amount of training of the opponent is large.”

Regardless of all that, Isami Sano believes this fight is his to lose. With the fight on the horizon, Sano is making a big prediction. “I’m making a prediction. I’m going to defeat him before the fight is done,” says Sano, alluding to him finishing the fight.

Regardless of the outcome, Isami Sano will add fighting for K-1 to his career accomplishments. He is only 21 and has room to grow as well! Don’t miss it as Isami Sano takes on Takumi Nakahira on November 27th on K-1’s upcoming Krush-EX card!

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