Miyuu Yamamoto: A Fighter’s Evolution

Miyuu Yamamoto: A Fighter’s Evolution

Returning at RIZIN 32, Miyuu Yamamoto is looking to not only rebound her last loss, but also avenge a loss against RENA in 2016. Her last fight didn’t go her way and saw Yamamoto lose to Ayaka Hamasaki via a leg scissors choke. Now, Yamamoto feels like she’s ready for the next level.

In my previous interview with Yamamoto, The Fighting Bee expressed her love for coffee. If you recall, she and her husband own two coffee shops in Guam and spend their time looking for interesting new blends. Recently, she’s found a new one that she enjoys.

“I’ve been fond of Ethiopian coffee beans lately. Not the blend but single origin. There’s no particular reason, but this is what I’ve been drinking lately.”

In her last fight against Hamasaki, Yamamoto had some success early on with a takedown but found herself on the wrong side of a choke. She believes that the loss was beneficial for her and what her game plan is in mixed martial arts.

“I stepped in the ring without knowing what MMA was all about at the time. Unlike wrestling, I didn’t know what to do after taking my opponent down. It’s not more about what I learned from the loss, but it was more about a realization that I needed to change myself to adjust to MMA.”

Miyuu Yamamoto vs. RENA at RIZIN 32

Having her first ever main event, Miyuu Yamamoto is looking for revenge. With the amount of success she’s had in wrestling, she’s still tooling with the transition to MMA.

“Obviously I have a plan for RENA, but I still have a lot to learn in MMA, so I have been doing more training to raise my basic skills as an MMA fighter rather than getting prepared for a specific opponent.”

As previously mentioned, Yamamoto and RENA fought five years ago in 2016. That fight was a win for RENA. While Yamamoto is looking to get that one back, she says that this time, RENA is assuredly an entirely new fighter.

“I think she’s evolved as a fighter in the past 5 years. She was originally the Shooto Boxing super star with great striking but now I think she has the knowledge and skills as an MMA fighter. I am expecting a totally different fighter this time around. This fight is more about what I can do in the fight, than what RENA will do against me. I want to be able to show the best of my abilities during this fight.”

Yamamoto may not have long left in the sport. But that isn’t stopping the three time wrestling World Champion. When asked if she has a date in mind for retiring from competition, she said she’s there to have fun.

“This is a question I cannot answer at the moment. I know the end is near but I’m just having so much fun while I’m doing MMA. I think that it will be time to call it when I feel like I’ve shown it all from the bottom of my heart after a fight with absolutely no regrets.”

Miyuu Yamamoto ready to get back to action at RIZIN 32.

Yamamoto also hasn’t put thought into coaching after she’s done. She’s concentrated on what she enjoys doing right now.

“Yes, if the timing is right. I haven’t really put too much thought into it yet. Right now I’m still an active fighter so I will think about what to do after I’m done fighting.”

As for why to tune in to RIZIN 32, Miyuu Yamamoto says the fight is special to her and that it will be the tell all on how she’s evolved as a fighter.

“I will be headlining a big RIZIN event for the first time. In an event held at my second home Okinawa, so I want to put on a performance that will make everybody proud. I would be glad if you could see me evolved as a fighter from 5 years ago.”

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