Daisuke Fujimura: K’Festa 3 Win, Boxing, and Post Fighting

Continuing with our K-1 K’Festa 3 coverage, we took some time to talk with Daisuke Fujimura after his unanimous decision win against Kotetsu. At just 30 years old, not many have heard of Fujimura. But his skills are not to be denied. With his win, he has big hopes and dreams in the sport of kickboxing.

Fujimura started in martial arts a little later in life. Instead of starting in kickboxing or boxing, Daisuke Fujimura started his career in kobujutsu, a weapons oriented martial arts. “[I started in] kobujutsu from 20 years old to boxing and then to kickboxing.”

Life outside of kickboxing includes a lot of what 30 year olds like to do. “[I enjoy] cooking, traveling, and movies,” says Fujimura.

Daisuke Fujimura at K’Festa 3

Fujimura won his fight at K-1’s K’Festa 3 card via unanimous decision. He defeated Kotetsu and now looks to the next challenge ahead and looks for an opportunity to improve. Any win at the K-1 level is a quality win, with the promotion hosting some of the best kickboxers in the world.

Fujimura managed to get the win at K’Festa 3 but he wanted the finish. “I wanted a knockout. I did not plan to fight three rounds.”

Daisuke Fujimura is out to excite the fans. He doesn’t believe in letting a fight’s outcome rely on the hands of the judges. “I am always hungry and aggressively fighting for a knockout during the match.” While the fight didn’t end in a knockout, Fujimura still got out with a win, the only thing a fighter can ask for in that situation.

Fujimura and the Future

As alluded to earlier, Daisuke Fujimura has big plans in his early kickboxing career. He has his eyes set on the top prize. “My goal is, of course, to be champion!” says Fujimura. He is taking the necessary steps to achieve this goal. “I am training to be stronger every day.”

With COVID-19 sweeping the world, impacting training camps everywhere, many fighters are seeing additional hurdles to clear when preparing for a fight. Fortunately for Fujimura, he was not affected before his fight in K-1. “Lucky it had no effect,” says Fujimura. He was able to fully prepare for the contest without distraction or controversy.

K-1 K’Festa 3 managed to have fans in attendance under all the scrutiny from media. It gave fans something to escape from the negativity surrounding the quarantine. K-1 will be on the forefront as of now with K-1 Krush 112 on the 28th of March as well, albeit with no crowd on this card.

Post Fighting

Daisuke Fujimura has plans outside of kickboxing as well. “I want to do boxing,” he says. He’s already done some amateur boxing matches but he wants to move to a professional level like he has in kickboxing.

But, after his fighting career is in the books, Fujimura does not want to leave the sport. “I want to be a trainer,” says Fujimura, a goal of many K-1 kickboxers.

While Daisuke Fujimura may be young in his career, he’s done a lot already. But there is still so much more to go for the Japanese kickboxer. His fight journey is just beginning. Follow Diasuke Fujimura on Instagram and Twitter to follow his fighting career.

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