Tommy Philbin Human
Here’s our interview with Tommy Philbin, boxing super middleweight and Ultimate Boxxer competitor.

Tommy Philbin: Human

Tommy Philbin: Human #boxing

Tommy Philbin is one of my favorite stories in boxing. He is one of the most fun prospects in the UK region. While he’s 13-1 and a blast to watch, that’s not what makes him so appealing. His is a story of being human. Tommy Philbin is a regular guy that punches people on the big stage.

Tommy Philbin: The Boxer

Philbin has been boxing for a long time. Like many fighters, he was getting in trouble in school because he hadn’t had his release discovered yet. But he was lucky to get involved in boxing early on in his life.

“I first started boxing when I was 9 as I was getting into trouble at school after fighting with people for picking on me. I must have had one of they faces that people liked to punch,” Philbin said with a laugh. But he looks at boxing as a way to get him out of that. “So once I started I never looked back!”

Philbin doesn’t lose focus either. There’s no real hobby for him. He spends all his time on boxing and with his family. Philbin keeps his eyes on boxing because it’s what saved him and continues to save him today.

“To be honest I don’t really have any hobbies as most of my time is taken up by boxing and work so then the little time I have left is time to spend with my beautiful family.”

Tommy Philbin: The Human

As mentioned earlier, Tommy Philbin is one of my favorite stories because he’s human and he’s not scared to show it. Philbin has openly battled depression and has been pretty vocal about it. While Philbin gets the high of competing in the boxing ring, he still struggles with depression and battles it every day. But Tommy Philbin is taking it head on and using the great support system he was blessed with.

This is what makes Tommy Philbin one of my favorite stories in sports. He doesn’t try to come off as being this flawless human who has no real struggle besides the being in the boxing ring. He shows his human side and is not scared to do that.

“I still have quite bad bouts with depression now and again but having a great family team and coaching team really helps me get through that bad times. What always helps me is being at the gym. I always come home buzzing.”

More on Tommy Philbin’s story

Philbin’s advice to people similarly suffering with depression as he is? “So I would say get yourself out training and once you start to see the benefits it has on your body and mind you won’t look back and that’s where your recover will start.”

If you do suffer with depression or suicidal thoughts, know you’re not alone. If you are having suicidal thoughts, please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline. 1-800-273-8255

Tommy Philbin vs. Serge Michel

Philbin suffered his first career loss last December. While it wasn’t the outcome Philbin wanted, he remains optimistic about it and where that puts him for his career. He says while he lost, he feels his stocks rose for fighting a much bigger guy on short notice.

“I suffered my first loss but me and my team got offered that at light heavyweight and I fight at super middleweight and it was only on a couple weeks notice. So we went into it knowing I could lose but it’s a win win fight in our eyes. As long as I put a good performance in then my stock has risen. I’m happy that we took it as I think I proved a lot to people and also proved a lot to myself as I didn’t think I had the fight in me anymore.”

Tommy Philbin took on Serge Michel in the next weight class up. There was a little over 3 kilogram, or 7 pounds, difference between Micel’s weight class and Philbin’s usual class of super middleweight. Philbin still went all 10 rounds with a bigger guy.

The Ultimate Boxxer

Philbin’s next fight is on The Ultimate Boxxer, a one night, eight man tournament in Manchester, UK. While the fight was scheduled to take place on April 7th, it has been postponed until a later date. Regardless, Philbin is ready to compete and show his toughness in Ultimate Boxxer and get a win back under his belt.

“Ultimate Boxxer is a brilliant stage to get back to winning ways on. I’m just doing a lot of high intensity training and high punch output as these fights are just like sprints. There’s no messing around.” Philbin is referring to the short round fights Ultimate Boxxer puts on, three round fights. The bouts are fast paced and highly competitive.

In the meantime, Tommy Philbin is focusing on his camp and staying healthy. “Nothing new,” says Philbin speaking about new things in his camp. “Hopefully not the coronavirus.”

Deontay Wilder’s Excuses

After Tyson Fury showed the world that it was he who is the best heavyweight in the world, American born Deontay Wilder came with a myriad of excuses. Wilder said his suit was too heavy when walking to to ring, there was a spy from Kronk in his camp, and more. Philbin feels like Deontay Wilder isn’t acting very much like a champion. Wilder received much backlash for these comments, deservingly so.

“[The excuses] really disappointed me to be honest. He’s trying to take something away from the way Tyson won. He was world champion. He should just take his loss like a champion and come back from it.”

When Tommy Philbin fights again remains to be seen. But given that he’s got the work ethic and the skills, he’s bound to come out and perform at his best on the Ultimate Boxxer. He will continue to be one of my favorite stories in boxing.

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