Wilder-Fury 2: What’s At Stake?

The biggest rematch possible is just under a month away. Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder are set to clash again after their giant battle that went to a draw in December 2018. It’s not just Wilder’s WBC Heavyweight title on the line or Fury’s lineal title either. There is so much at stake for this fight for the whole division and all of boxing.


Fury-Wilder 2: What’s At Stake?

Deontay Wilder Or Tyson Fury the Best In The World

One of the main things that this fight has on the line is who the best heavyweight boxer in the world will be. While Anthony Joshua holds most the belts once again, it’s been Fury and Wilder that have drawn the eyes of fans. It gave them what they wanted in 2018, the best fighting the best to determine who was better.

Regardless of how you scored the first fight, the judges saw it a draw. Neither was better than the other according to officials and they have unfinished business, as all the promo’s have been going with.

This fight’s outcome will likely be the same as last. Can Fury box for 12 rounds or will Wilder land that missle? A look at the odds coming into this match will tell you the money believes it will be the same variables coming into play.

Tyson Fury is a slight favorite to win his rematch with Deontay Wilder with the fighters at -120 and +100, respectively. The method-of-victory props is one of many options for betting sites that fans can wager on for this fight, the odds suggest the rematch will be a carbon copy of the first tilt. Wilder’s odds to win by (T)KO are +150, compared to Fury at +500. But Fury’s odds to win by decision are +140, versus Wilder at +550. If Fury doesn’t get caught with a big power shot, there is a good chance he controls the fight with his highly effective jab, once again.

The “0”

Boxing is riddled with an undefeated problem. Because of Floyd Mayweather, fighters chase the undefeated record. Being undefeated, especially at the stage of their careers both Wilder and Fury are at is a huge marketing leverage point. While some of the most popular fighters are not undefeated; see Canelo Alvarez and Vasyl Lomachenko, we still see many boxers hold on to that undefeated record.

With both Fury and Wilder undefeated, it’s likely this fight will not go to a draw again. Much like Canelo-GGG 2, the judges will be forced to pick a winner.

With either Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder’s “0” to go away, the big fight will go to the opposite, the victor. Anthony Joshua, who lost his “0” to Andy Ruiz Jr., will likely have his sights set on the winner. That fight will likely be the biggest heavyweight fight of the young decade.

But the leverage of being undefeated doesn’t just the immediate Joshua fight. It’s rights to all the biggest fights the heavyweight division has to offer. It has the fights that will be made after that. Should the victor get past the next fight, there’s Oleksandr Usyk, Andy Ruiz Jr., Dillian Whyte, and other up and comers that are a matchmakers dream. These types of fights will be payday on top of pay day for Wilder and Fury should they win each subsequent fight.

The Ultimate Incentive: Legacy

The main thing that both Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are after is legacy. Wilder isn’t the most technical boxer, but he’s out to prove he can knock out any man. He takes every fight he can and goes out there on one mission: get the finish.

With Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn playing games and not taking the toughest fight, Wilder taking the Fury fight just proved he will truly fight anyone anywhere. Taking it a second time, even when people thought he lost the first fight, is just further proves that point. Deontay Wilder wants to show the world that he’s the most dangerous man alive.

On the other side of the ring, Tyson Fury has already notched his spot in history. He’s the lineal heavyweight champion. He dethroned Wladimir Klitschko, the longest reigning heavyweight champion in boxing history. But now, there are new mountains to climb, and Fury has his climbing gear.

Beating Wilder will he the second biggest win of his career and would mark the recapturing of a world championship. That would thrust the UK vs. UK matchup of Joshua and would add on to his legacy even more as undisputed heavyweight champion. He would be the first undisputed champion of the heatweight since 1999 when Lennox Lewis was the reigning champion.

With so much at stake for both fighters, this boxing match is one of the biggest in history. It will mark the rematch that was one of the best fights of the decade the last go around. Fans are in for a tremendous treat.

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