Rene Alvarado vs. gutierrez interview
Rene Alvarado: Cementing His Legacy

Rene Alvarado: Cementing His Legacy

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On the second of January, Ryan Garcia and Luke Campbell start 2021 off strong with a fantastic boxing match that pits two of the best young lightweights against each other. But, on the co-main event, WBA World Super Featherweight champion, Rene Alvarado, takes on Roger Gutierrez in his first title defense of this reign. Alvarado will step up on a gigantic stage and make his statement that he’s one of the best in the world.

Alvarado started boxing with the inspiration from names like Oscar De La Hoya. He’s been a long time fan and the fact that he’s now signed with Golden Boy Promotions is poetic. After looking up to De La Hoya for so long, the 31 year old is now a part of his idol’s promotion.

“In fact, because I have liked boxing a lot since I was little. It was like a dream to be a boxer and to meet Oscar De La Hoya. My dream came true and now I am part of the boxers of the Golden Boy Promotions.”

Outside of boxing, Rene Alvarado enjoys soccer and spending time with his family. Having a great work-life balance is important for everyone, especially in a sport like boxing were getting tied up trying to become better can be an obsession.

“Apart from boxing as a hobby I like to play soccer with my son and my friends, watch movies and spend with the family especially.”

Now a World Champion, Alvarado looks to leave a mark on the sport of boxing. But he does not do this as a selfish move, instead, he hopes to inspire the younger generation to be great as well. He wants to inspire them to chase his dreams as he did.

“I hope to continue improving as an athlete. In the future I will retire as a champion and be an example to follow. To kids who come to the promotion, with discipline, perseverance and above all a lot of faith, dreams can be fulfilled.”

The Growth of Rene Alvarado

Rene Alvarado suffered his last loss in 2017, a unanimous decision loss to Yuriorkis Gamboa. But, since that loss, Alvarado has rattled off eight straight wins, five by by knockout and retirement. Alvarado, who had an up and down career up until that point, has made a turning point and now he looks to extend that even further.

“When I fight with Gamboa I think I needed to risk more in the fight, and I did not trust my abilities. After that loss I learned to trust myself more and try to improve every day.”

Two and a half years later, Rene Alvarado captured the WBA World Championship. But after the referee called the fight in round seven, and Alvarado had defeated Andrew Cancio capturing the belt, Alvarado had finally become a World Champion. After having this goal for so long, Alvarado was happy but knew where his blessings come from first.

“It was something inexplicable to know that when I started in boxing I had that goal to fulfill. The day came that I had to give everything of myself to achieve it, the truth is I did not think it was exciting. I’m grateful to God first.”

Now, Rene Alvarado looks to continue his reign as a champion. With the pandemic restrictions, he and his camp, Golden Boy Promotions included, have taken every precaution possible to make sure this fight goes forward. Alvarado says, “We have taken the recommended preventions to be able to fulfill the commitment we have and be at 100% of our capacities.”

For fight day, Alvarado has been preparing for this for a few months now with one goal in mind: become the best version of himself on January 2nd. A win is the goal and on such a big stage, a win will be hugely beneficial for Rene Alvarado’s career.

“We plan to have the best conditions for the day of the fight to be able to do a good job and get the victory.”

But, there is no pressure on Alvarado for being on such a big stage. It is an opportunity for him to show his skills on a larger stage. He sees it as a chance to build his brand and prove he is not a mid-tier fighter, but instead, brings the pace and action showing that he belongs on the big cards.

“Pressure? No. It is an opportunity to make myself known more and show that we are for big cards by making a good fight.”

And the mission is ongoing for Alvarado. Any boxer’s goal, especially at the level Alvarado is at, is to prove himself the best in the world. The fight with Roger Gutierrez on January 2nd is just the first step in cementing himself as a staple of the division. “The goal is to stay as a champion and show that I can become one of the best in my category,” says Alvarado.

Rene Alvarado and Roger Gutierrez square off on the undercard of Ryan Garcia and Luke Campbell on January 2nd live on DAZN. Be sure to follow Rene Alvarado on Instagram and Facebook to follow his fight week journey.

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