Alex Oliveira: Staple of the UFC

#mma @alexcowboyufc: Staple of the UFC

UFC staple, Alex Oliveira has been in the game for a long time. Oliveira made his debut with the promotion in 2015. Since then, he’s racked up three Performance of the Night and two Fight of the Night awards. ESPN named his fight with Yancy Medeiros the Fight of the Year. Oliveira has notched wins over Carlos Condit, Will Brooks, Tim Means, and most recently, Max Griffin at UFC 248.

A long and rewarding career

Alex Oliveira has had a near-decade career as a professional mixed martial artist. Debuting in 2011, he’s been many places and seen so much. Out of all the fights, all the moments, one has stuck our in Oliveira’s head.

“My favorite moment is when I was able to help my family and my mother buy a house and bring everyone from my family together. It was my favorite moment.”

Oliveira took a rough start in martial arts. He fought in the streets of Brazil and was fortunate enough to meet his coach and took him out of that environment and put him in something more constructive.

“First I met this world fighting in the street. Then, I was lucky I met my coach and manager. Then, I got straight into mixed martial arts.”

Outside of fighting, Alex Oliveira tries to like a calm life, despite being a cage fighter in the best promotion in the world. He says, “I really like to work with my animals, go fishing, and have a calm life.”

Alex Oliveira Preparing Amidst A Pandemic

The pandemic has been in the news ever since the disease took hold of Wuhan last December. Sporting events shut down worldwide, as well as gyms. This has affected fighters, hurting their training. Like Eder Lopes of K-1, Alex Oliveira has been training in the street preparing for his fight.

“It’s really hard to deal with everything that is happening today. We are focusing on not training isloated. We’re training in the street with no contact and it’s hard because there are few friends to train and spar with. We are dealing with this problem in a good way but it’s hard.”

2018 and 2019 was not kind to Alex Oliveira. He dropped three fights straight. But Cowboy came back roaring in 2020, beating Max Griffin in a tough split decision. Oliveira has done a lot to work on his mindset and be focused on his goals. He even still has the dream of champion.

“Because of a lot of problems in the past, now I’m more focused. I really want to get the hang again as I was in the past. Deep in my mind, I have the belt and to be the champion. It is one of my dreams. I am focused on that now.”

After Fight Island was debut to the world at UFC 251, the entire fight world is paying attention. Oliveira is looking forward to having all the eyes on him and his opponent, Peter Sobotta. Cowboy wants to put on a show that fans won’t soon forget.

“I think it’s going to be a unique opportunity because it’s a new way to hype something. Everyone is wanting to see this thing. I will turn the Fight Island into Show Island.”

For anyone looking to a veteran for advice on a mixed martial arts career, Oliveira strongly recommends focusing on making yourself a better fighter by surrounding yourself with coaches.

“First, you should find a good academy with a good teacher and coach and being right so you can start your career good.”

Predicting UFC 252

The greatest heavyweight fight of all time is set for UFC 252. Champion Stipe Miocic takes on former two weight world champion, Daniel Cormier. We had Alex Oliveira weigh in on the heavyweight rubber match and who he thought would be victorious.

“I think Cormier will win the fight in a close fight on the ground and the corner of the cage. I wish Cormier wins this fight because I really like his style of fight. I think it’s going to be that way on the ground having that close fight with Miocic.” 

Cowboy Oliveira takes on Peter Sobatta on Fight Island this Saturday. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to follow his fight journey.

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