CBD & Sports: 5 Ways CBD Can Impact Athlete’s Achievements

CBD is an excellent product known for its abilities to heal. Newly developed within the field of sports and sports medicine, CBD has many benefits to offer athletes in the way of relief. Here are 5 ways that CBD can positively impact the lives of athletes.

1. Muscle Recovery

We all know that athletes train constantly and often times those strenuous workouts are very taxing on the body. After they complete these workouts their body’s are ready to go into recovery mode. CBD helps to alleviate the pain and soreness that generally occurs the day after a hard workout. In this way athletes can train again sooner, and they won’t experience stiffness or limitations when training or during competition. Delayed onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS, is a natural part of the process of working out and is a sign that your muscle fibers have torn and you are on your way to muscle gain.

2. Performance Anxiety

CBD is an excellent product that is known for its anxiolytic properties. This means that it can reduce stress and it can also enhance your mood altogether. It’s important for an athlete to relax prior to competing and the calming effect of CND ensures just that. Due to CBD’s ability to balance the body’s endocannabinoid system, this controls stress levels as well, ensuring that your serotonin levels are balanced. For athletes who may find themselves a bit anxious or nervous before a big performance, it can do wonders to alleviate this feeling, which will in turn allow for a better performance during competition.

3. Injuries

Though you want to try to avoid them, injuries amongst athletes are extremely common. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which allows for any swelling that may occur during the recovery process after an injury, can be easily remedied, all while reducing pain in the process. For athletes who are interested in trying to stay as relaxed as possible as they slowly engage in rehabilitative therapy, CBD is a great choice for those days that are really uncomfortable. CBD is a wise choice for athletes as it is very versatile and can be taken topically for pain relief or orally as well as many other forms.

4. Pre-Workout

CBD is now becoming available infused into sports drinks and energy bars as well. It is very important for athletes to train adequately in order to maintain their ability to compete. If CBD is taken prior to a workout, it can offer an energy boost that will allow athletes to train harder and more efficiently. CBD products n it only make you feel energized it also lowers your sensitivity to pain by reducing your body’s perception of it. CBD for athletes can strengthens the body cells which are in control of making you feel lethargic. It can offer mental clarity and help athletes to focus better during training or competition.

5. Increase in Sleep

Huge to the process of recovery, reducing anxiety, pain and inflammation relief, and being energized, is sleep. It’s nearly impossible to perform well pre workout, post workout, after an injury, etc, if you’re your getting enough rest. CBD has helped those who suffer from insomnia and also just the balancing of the body’s systems will help to keep stress levels down. By alleviating pains and discomfort, anxiety and stress, CBD will allow athletes to rest peacefully and longer than norm due to the state of relaxation. 

There are many different ways that an athlete can benefit from CBD use, and there are more studies being conducted everyday. Always do your research before deciding to consume any CBS products.

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