Deiveson Figueiredo: The People’s Champ

Deiveson Figueiredo is the People’s Champ. With his devastating knockout of Joseph Benavidez at UFC Norfolk in Virginia last weekend, what was supposed to be a vacant title fight, Figueiredo is the top of the division now. And with the title presumed vacant, he sits on top of the throne as the best of the division.

Lead Up To The Fight

Leading up to the fight, the entire story shifted around Deiveson Figueiredo missing weight. He came in at 127.5 pounds, 2.5 over the flyweight championship limit. The story on Figueiredo’s part is of severe dehydration.

“I cut 11 kilograms (around 24 pounds), and I always look good, but this time I felt pain in my stomach and kidneys,” Figueiredo told me. Kidney pain during a weight cut is an obvious sign of dehydration and the stomach pains could be a preemptive symptom of vomiting which comes with dehydration as well. While many people, myself included, are sometimes critical of fighters missing weight, it is important to remember that a title fight is nice, but if it’s at the expense of someone killing themselves during a cut, we should gladly sacrifice that.

Figueiredo wasn’t upset about missing weight. He sees it as a part of God’s plan and knows his shot to become a champion is coming.

“I was not upset. I will have a second chance to fight for the belt, all in God’s time. This belt will be mine.”

Deiveson Figueiredo vs. Joseph Benavidez

You could tell that Deiveson Figueiredo had no pressure on him in his fight with Joseph Benavidez. He was calm, even in the early onslaught of Benavidez’ attack. Figueiredo weathered the storm and put down Benavidez in the second round. Only one other man has ever finished Benavidez, Demetrious Johnson, someone who many people consider the best fighter of all time.

Benavidez chose an odd game plan for someone fighting a martial artists as dangerous as Deiveson Figueiredo. Benavidez pushed the pace and fired bomb after bomb. This played right into Figueiredo’s hands.

“I used my strategy very perfectly. In the second round I started to hit him hard, making him forget [and got] his guard down, so I could connect the best shots and knock him out.”

Figueiredo did just that. Benavidez blitzed in, threw an overhand, and BAM! He was out cold. Deiveson Figueiredo had beat Benavidez, snapping his three fight win streak.

Don’t expect Figueiredo to opt for greener pastures after beating Benavidez. There’s the stripped champion, Henry Cejudo. Figueiredo is grateful to have been able to fight Benavidez. Benavidez could have easily turned down the fight because of Figueiredo missing weight. But he didn’t. Deiveson Figueiredo believes he is just better than Joseph Benavidez and has no qualms about having to prove it again.

“The rematch with Benavidez would be good. He gave me a chance to fight I would like to give him this rematch. Yes, he is an amazing guy but I am better than him.”

UFC President, Dana White, has even said that they are leaning towards an immediate rematch. This time, both fighters will assuredly make weight and the new flyweight king will be crowned.

Figueiredo Predicts UFC 249

UFC 249 has one of the biggest fights in the world headlining it. Lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov, is taking on Tony Ferguson, who is on a 12 fight win streak. Figueiredo weighed in on the fight and who he would be pulling for.

“I will cheer for Khabib. He will beat Tony without stopping.”

Figueiredo will assuredly fight for the UFC flyweight title in his next bout. To follow his preparation, follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to follow his journey to becoming champion.

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