Beka Lomtadze Interview: Epitome of an Underdog

Beka Lomtadze is coming off of a monster upset at last month’s World Championships. With big names such as Kyle Dake, J’den Cox and Abdulrashid Sadulaev competing and winning titles, Lomtadze‘s win sort of went under the radar.

He defeated Russia’s Magomedrasul Idrisov, the heavy favorite, to win his first ever World gold medal in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. In this interview, we asked a few questions to the 61 kilo victor.

Wrestling is a way of life for many people. Beka Lomtadze is in that category. “I was 13 when I was involved in this sport and have been in it ever since.” Since then, he’s won silver several times including silver at the non-Olympic World Championships in 2016 in Budapest. Three years later, he’s a gold medalist, eyeing the Olympics.

Early on in the match, Idrisov would go up 1-0 but Lomtadze would not be phased by the early deficit. He began to systematically stonewall Idrisov, giving him absolutely nothing to work with. In the second half, Lomtadze came out like a bat out of hell. He proceeded to go up 4-1 and hold off Idrisov for his first ever world title.

Immediately after the clock expired, Beka Lomtadze leapt in the air with his fist up, he was a champion. He jumped and embraced his coach who proceeded to slam him to the mat.

“I was announced and was happy because I had my dream and wish that was fulfilled. That is to say, I have done my utmost, and God willing I have become a World champion.”

Beka Lomtadze remained mum on the win against Idrisov. Perhaps he didn’t want to ruin the mystery surrounding the matchup. Regardless, the feat is still something incredible to witness.

Now it’s time to look ahead. “All sportsmen’s dreams and goals are to win the World and Olympic championships one by one and become a world champion,” says Lomtadze. “So my goal is to be an Olympic champion and fight for the title as best as possible.” After a gold medal and a victory of Idrisov, the idea is not so far-fetched for the once-underdog.

The 2020 Olympic Games are right around the corner. Lomtadze will likely move down from 61 kilos to 57.

Fruits of Your Labor

Lomtadze getting his apartment

Because of his win, the Archi awarded him with an apartment. Beka Lomtadze is incredibly grateful for the gift and support from his people.

“I would like to thank Archi Jacobs for such a good gift. It is really a great incentive for us and not only for us, the folks next year. It is a great motivation for us as well as the kids.”

Lomtadze is also thankful to his family and friends. Without them, he thinks he couldn’t have achieved what he has so far.

“I want to thank first of all my family on each member page of the ways for the hard work which were donated, I would also like to thank my fans in such Georgia for all the support.”

Watch Beka Lomtadze win his gold medal!

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