The Ultimate Fight Bonus Podcast

Thanks for reading The Ultimate Fight: How the 100 Man Kumite Tests the Karateka’s Body, Mind, and Spirit! If you want to get in on the bonus podcast featuring Cem Senol and Abdullah Tarsha, submit the form below!

The Ultimate Fight Podcast – Buy Here

The Ultimate Fight Companion Podcast

This is the companion podcast for The Ultimate Fight featuring extended conversations with karateka Cem Senol and Abdullah Tarsha. The file will be available to stream through the site or you email me to download via MP3. Please put your email in the notes of the PayPal so I can send you the login for the page. Please be patient as this is not an automated transaction and I will get you the password to the podcast as soon as I receive the confirmation e-mail. If you wish to pay in a different method that is not PayPal (crypto, Stripe, Venmo) please contact me at the form below!


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