TFL Last Man Standing League

Last man standing is a simple concept. Every week, you place your pick on a fighter to win from the title fights, main, and co-main events. No method of victory required, just does he/she win or lose?

When the fights are over, you either move on to the next week or you’re eliminated. The catch is, once you pick a fighter, you’re never allowed to pick them to win again. If you’re right, you’re on to the next week.

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Picks and new members will be locked 24 hours before the start of the card in question.

Week Two Picks

Colby Covington:

Tyron Woodley:

Cowboy Cerrone:

Niko Price:

Season 1 Participants and Picks

Patrick Auger @AllDayAuger picks: Overeem, Michelle Waterson

Bob Meloni @BobMeloni picks: OSP, Michelle Waterson

Eliminated: GaryF, Josh Thomas, Phre, Joe McDonagh , Nathaniel Flores, Yudhajit Saha, Matt Bricker, Kris Starnes, Clay Sauertieg, Oldest and Greatest, Ben Kiely, Craig Allen, Blaine Henry, John Franklin