The Fight Library was started to combat the hostage holding websites have with ads on their site. In other websites, you can pay to not be sold or advertised to. I don’t like that. I’m here to provide content, not make a buck by selling your personal data. But, webcams, editing software, and websites cost money to run. At this time, I finance The Fight Library out of my pocket. The domain costs $18 a year and the premium WordPress (which this site is hosted on) is over $99 a year.

This shop is set up with Amazon Associate links to products I have used, read and will vouch for. Yes, I get paid if you click the link and buy, but so do the awesome athletes and creators of these amazing products. The selection is low for now. As I look through and review other products, it will grow over time!

Insight by Kieran Gething

Insight by Kieran Gething was the very first product I reviewed. It wasn’t because Kieran asked me to or I was trying to get him to give me a free copy. I gladly paid for it and read it because I enjoy the sport. It’s a fantastic book and you can read our full review of it here. In a nutshell, Gething gives his insight (I can’t pass a good pun) on what it’s like to be an up-and-coming boxer. He dives into what is required to balance work, life and boxing in one part. The second part he goes through his journal through a fight camp. Highly recommended.