Lucas Almeida: The Path to the UFC

Lucas Almeida: The Path To The UFC

Making his debut against The Ultimate Fighter winner Mike Trizano, Brazil’s Lucas Almeida looks to prove that he belongs in the UFC after missing his shot on Dana White’s Contender Series. Almeida has wins by knockout and submission making him an all around fighter. Now, at UFC Vegas 56, he will get the chance to take on a very rough Trizano in his debut, catapulting him to a great spot in the division.

Lucas Almeida started fighting at 18 years old. Now 31, Almeida has put in the time to becoming a martial artist. But his path wasn’t easy. Fighting out of São Paulo, Almeida worked from a young age which took time from his training.

“I started at 18 years old after I finished school, because I worked all day since I was 12 years old, so I was only able to train when I finished school and had the free night period.” But to continue to fight through all that needs something special. He needs a reason to fight. “My inspiration is my daughter, my family,” Almeida says.

Lucas Almeida to the UFC

Lucas Almeida had a tough ride to the UFC. On the brink of being signed, Almeida was on Dana White’s Contender Series and took on Daniel Zellhuber of Mexico. In that fight, he suffered his first professional loss. But UFC president Dana White gave him a goal and encouragement that saw Almeida find his way to the big show finally.

“I wanted to get back in the game quickly because the boss of the UFC, Dana White, after my defeat, went to the locker room and said that if I won one more fight he would put me back in the game because he had liked my performance a lot. Without rest I already asked for a fight soon. I submitted my opponent in the first round, and I already asked for my chance in the UFC and they picked me.”

As mentioned, Almeida fought and fought his way to a shot at the UFC in September of 2021. Unfortunately he fell short in his bid for the UFC in he Contender Series. But getting that call after getting back to work was the best moment of his career thus far.

“It was one of the best moments of my life, a feeling of one of the goals accomplished, a dream come true to be in the biggest event in the world.”

As for his debut with Mike Trizano, Almeida has prepared the best he can. He’s ready to show the world what his fighting style is all about on the biggest stage of his career. He is keeping his nose to the grind and is ready to show off his skills.

“I’m training a lot, focused and determined to put on a show. The UFC realizes that I’m there to make history.”

His goals for this fight is to become a better fighter. Lucas Almeida is looking to continue to be a better martial artist and that, hopefully, would lead to becoming a World Champion.

“My goal is to debut with a victory, evolve with each fight, fight with the best of the category, and be World Champion.”

So in the next year, Almeida is looking to stay busy as a fighter. “Next year I see myself in the fourth fight in the organization, a much better person, and more professional.”

So at UFC Vegas 56, be sure to catch Lucas Almeida fighting Mike Trizano as he looks to put on a great fight. But he knows how his opponent is and knows that both will be aggressive and a fan friendly fight to say the least.

“Fans can expect a war, a striker show, an aggressive fighter looking for the knockout all the time.”

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