Jason Radcliffe: Overcoming The Odds

Jason Radcliffe: Overcoming The Odds

Jason Radcliffe is coming into KSW 66 looking to nab a career defining win. He faces the hometown kid in Michal Materla. But, going into that fight, Radcliffe believes so much more is on the line. In combat sports, the athletes want nothing more than a shot at the title. Whether that be in boxing, MMA, Olympic wrestling, or lethwei, being the best is what drives fighters from across the globe. Radcliffe is no exception.

His journey in MMA started with grappling. “I started of with Jiu Jitsu many years ago then I progressed into striking.” Radcliffe continues, saying that his gym and the other fighters influenced him to take up the sport as well. “A lot of guys from gym was fighting MMA so the story began.”

Now, Radcliffe has found his home in KSW. Since joining the promotion, he’s gone 2-1 with a win over Antoni Chmielewski and a big first round knockout over Albert Odzimkowski.

“I love KSW. It’s a great promotion. The arenas are big just a professional promotion.”

Jason Radcliffe Overcoming Adversity

Jason Radcliffe is on a good run now but struggled heavily in 2017 and 2018. In that timeframe, he went 1-5 with losses in Cage Warriors and Bellator. He was at Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand and changed camps to get to where he can get the right coaching for him.

“I was living in Thailand my training was good but had no guidance which killed me as I’m a great learner. That’s in past now I’m about to make my future great.”

Radcliffe knows where he’s come from. From that rough stretch to now, he believes that he’s hitting the best stride of his career. Knowing he couldn’t do it by himself, Jason Radcliffe looked to a professional and the results are evident.

“I sought out a sports mental coach plus I joined a team were the coach was more dedicated to his fighters. It totally put me back on the right path. Now look, I’m at KSW fighting one of the best fighters to grace Poland.”

Now, he has a goal in mind: get a shot at the title. “I want to build to a title shot at some point,” he says. The middleweight champ, the class in which Radcliffe competes, is the pound for pound great Roberto Soldic.

To beat the boogeyman that is Roberto Soldic, Radcliffe says he’s putting in the time and is never not training. He knows he’s not quite there and has ample time to improve, however, and plans to make his presence known at KSW 66.

“I plan to get better each fight. Every fighter is a door and I’m about to kick doors down. Camp has been hard’ we never stopped training.”

James Radcliffe takes on takes on Michal Materla at KSW 66 and aside from KSW being the de facto reason to tune in, Radcliffe promises action in Poland as the two warriors face off to see who the better man on that night may be.

“Fans know this is a fight to watch. We’re about to tear the roof off,” says Radcliffe.

Regardless of the outcome, Radcliffe has had a fantastic run in KSW already. He looks forward to a bright future with the promotion and is ready for war on January 15th at KSW 66.

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