Andre Fialho: Hot Streak

Andre Fialho: Hot Streak

UAE Warriors 24 has a fantastic card coming up this weekend and Andre Fialho is one of the fighters to watch on the card. Sitting at an impressive 13-3 record, Fialho has hit his stride winning three straight, all by knockout. This streak includes a win over former UFC contender James Vick in early 2021. Now, Fialho looks to continue the momentum going forward and getting his shot at the big time.

Fialho found MMA by chance later on but he knew immediately that fighting was in his blood. Very early in his career, Fialho showed the dedication it takes to be one of the best in this sport.

“One summer I went with my dad on vacation to south of Portugal and met my first MMA coach. I was 18 and tried it and felt in love with the sport. In September we came back home and I started training everyday while stile studying. I was taking two hour train back and forth just to train.”

His goal is simple: Andre Fialho wants to be the best. Period. “My goal is to be the best fighter and athlete I can be. I will be UFC champion.”

When he’s not fighting, Fialho is a competition addict. He finds himself participating in sports in general and enjoys spending his time outside as well.

“I love sports. I do all kind of activities you can possibly imagine. I’ve grown up doing lots of sports, the love is still here. Love the beach and outdoors as well.”

Andre Fialho and UAE Warriors 24

As mentioned above, Andre Fialho is riding a hot streak. Three wins, three knockouts. When asked if it’s any pressure going into UAE Warriors 24 to repeat such fireworks. Fialho says that it isn’t any sweat to him and that the finish is what he lives for.

“I’ve been in a relaxation mode and I’ve changed my life after my last defeat. I believe I am one of the most dedicated, hard working and focused fighter now a days which gives great confidence. And with patience and focus, sooner or later I believe they will fall. I believe I hit different and clean and have heavy hands. There’s no pressure, that’s what I do, put people out.”

His opponent at UAE Warriors 24 is Stefan Sekulic who is a dangerous grappler. Sekulic is also a former UFC talent, having two bouts in the promotion. Fialho believes that it’s his type of preparation that will put him on top.

“The preparation has been the same since I decided to change my life and dedicate myself like never before, I’m comfortable being uncomfortable. I’ve been wrestling a lot, and I brought my wrestling coach with me as well.”

UAE Warriors is in a great spot right now. Taking place as a primer for UFC 267 and with UAE Warriors making it to Fight Pass, there are many eyes on the events this weekend. Having Dana White present and taking on a former UFC fighter, Fialho isn’t worried about the large stage.

“It’s a great opportunity, but I try not to let my focus be on the outside things. All this camp, I’ve known Dana is going to be here. I’ve been telling myself I’m coming to Abu Dhabi to get my UFC contract and I won’t leave without it. But now, I’m not even thinking about that. Just focused on Sekulic and what I have to do inside there. Keep it simple and keep doing what I’ve beeing doing. Things will take of itself. But yes, was great motivation for focus during preparation.”

Fialho is ready to go out there and perform. He loves the matchup. While he’d like a third first round finish, Andre Fialho isn’t worried about calling his shot, instead just making sure he gets his shot in general.

“I believe I will KO him within 1 round. I love fighting southpaws. But the closer I get to the fight, the less I’m focused on the round, I’m focused on doing my work and everything will happen by itself.”

Fialho looks to show the world that he is ready for the big show at UAE Warriors 24. Don’t miss his bout and more only on Fight Pass!

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