Petr Yan: Best In The World

Petr Yan: Best In The World

Perhaps the best matchup at UFC 267 is the bantamweight interim bout between Petr Yan and Cory Sandhagen. After the controversy at UFC 259 that sent Aljamain Sterling home with a belt that many say he doesn’t deserve, Petr Yan is of the mind that he is still the best in the world and that no matter where Sterling runs, he won’t be able to hide.

Yan has no love for Sterling, which is very apparent. Taking on Cory Sandhagen at UFC 267, he believes this matchup and others are harder than a rematch with Sterling. “I think any other fight in the top 5 is more competitive than a fight with Sterling.”

In that fight at UFC 259, Yan had success wrestling the same Sterling that called himself “the best wrestler in the division” in the lead up to the fight. Petr Yan went out to prove a point that no matter where the fight went, he was the better fighter.

“Before the fight he kept on saying that he is the best wrestler in the division, I just wanted to prove a point that he is not on my level in any aspect.”

After his neck surgery, there has been some concern that Sterling may never fight again. That will no bother Yan. “I don’t care about what he is going to do,” says Yan.

Petr Yan vs. Cory Sandhagen: Best Fight In The Division

The bout between Petr Yan and Cory Sandhagen is the best fight in the division according to many. Originally, the rematch with Sterling was planned before the commission didn’t clear Sterling. Yan isn’t worried about the style change in opponents. Even though Aljamain Sterling and Cory Sandhagen are completely different, Yan is worried about being the best version of Petr Yan and he believes that person is the best in the world.

“I was preparing to be the best version of myself on October 30th. I was focusing on myself in this camp and it doesn’t matter who will stand in the octagon with me.”

Yan isn’t taking this fight lightly. He knows that each fighter has their own specific unique set of skills that makes each fight a new puzzle.

“Every fight is tough in it’s own way, I’m not taking any opponent lightly.”

As mentioned in previous interviews, Yan is a Tiger Muay Thai product. The gym is one of the best in the world and has produced many talents out of it’s ranks. Striking coach there is Rafael Fiziev. Yan says, while Fiziev isn’t his striking coach, Fiziev has been invaluable to his sparring sessions and as a tool to have in his tool belt as well.

“He is a great training partner for me, we spent a lot of time sparring together and I believe it made us both better.”

Now, Petr Yan takes on Cory Sandhagen in one of the best fights the bantamweight division has to make right now. Tune into UFC 267 and don’t miss that firecracker of a fight.

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