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Technical Readout: Quentin Henry vs. Jason Fish

Technical Readout: Quentin Henry vs. Jason Fish

Bare knuckle boxing is a fantastic sport. Fans of the early UFC days will love the violent nature it brings. But as a sport, bare knuckle boxing is evolving. It’s going from the brawl nature that we saw in it’s early days to a more technical, albeit fast paced, sport. In today’s Technical Readout we are diving into the bout between Quentin Henry and Jason Fish at BKFC 20.

BKFC 20: Quentin Henry vs. Jason Fish

Technical Readout is designed to be watched via video. Check out the breakdown on YouTube below!

Very early in the fight, we see Quentin Henry showing the technical skills that have been becoming more relevant in BKFC. Here he is circling away from the power hand of Fish. Fish, an orthodox fighter, throws a lot of heat on his right, specifically with the overhand. Henry is keen on this and is mitigating the danger. Then we see the mind games set in place from Henry. He plants his feet as if he were to go and feints a jab, getting a huge reaction out of Fish.

Later in the round, we see the fruits of that labor. Here, Henry is doing exactly the same thing as earlier in the fight: circling away from the power hand. But this time, when he plants, he actually steps in and lands the jab.

Not long after, Fish charges in with two wild hooks. Quentin Henry gets caught with a left. He throws a right hand and gets out of position with Fish in a great angle for a straight but, being in the moment, Henry clinches up to avoid any further damage.

After the two are broken up, Quentin Henry gets the hook back. He takes a big step in to cover a lot of ground and throws a throwaway jab to get Jason Fish to react. It is a trap, however. Fish puts his hands out straight in front of him to crowd the lane. Henry launches a huge right hand that lands, the real intention of the jab and step in.

At the end of the first, Henry sets yet another trap for Fish. Here he has his lead hand down and he flashes his right that he just landed on Fish earlier. Instead, with the jab out the field of view, sneaks it right up the middle. This lands right in the eye socket which has Fish in survival mode. Henry yells at him, a warrior in the moment, and unloads on his foe as the bell runs out. We enter round two.

Even after nearly winning the fight in the first, Quentin Henry doesn’t come out guns firing. Instead, he sticks to the game plan. He starts off the round trying to see how shake up his opponent is with another feint.

Henry pokes at Fish with another jab and Fish is trying to get in the game any way possible. He charges in trying to blitz Henry. Quentin Henry comes over the top with a right hand and stuns Jason Fish again. With Fish covering up, Henry goes in for the kill. Fish tries to fight back but the damage is too much. The referee has seen enough and pulls Henry off the finish, making The Hero the victor.

Barely knuckle boxing is still relatively new. With so much new talent coming in, the stakes sill be upped and the skill level will follow. More technical advancements will be made in accordance to the BKFC rule set.

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