Ryo Takahashi interview
Ryo Takahashi: Spoiling the Party

Ryo Takahashi: Spoiling The Party

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As far as kickboxing goes, the one night tournament is the ultimate test of will and is commonly used throughout RIZIN, Rise and Glory. Ryo Takahashi is taking part of such a tournament at RIZIN 29. The four man, one night tournament features Takahasi taking on Taiju Shiratori in the first round, a big asking for the young kickboxer. But, coming into the event, Ryo Takahashi comes to disappoint…

Starting in combat sports is always an interesting question. Seeing how a fighter started their career always provides some valuable insight to their career. Takahashi always had fighting in him. It was his relatives that channeled that into fighting.

“When I was in elementary school, I was always getting into fights so my relative took me to a Muay Thai gym in the neighborhood to get me straightened out.”

Ryo Takahashi and RIZIN 29

Coming into RIZIN 29, much is being talked about with a potential match in the finals with Koji and Taiju Shiratori. I asked if Ryo Takahashi if he felt he was being overlooked. He doesn’t feel that way and really enjoys the attention being brought by the two going back and forth. Takahashi hopes to steal a little of that shine for himself.

“I think it’s bringing in attention to the tournament so it’s a good thing. It’s motivating to think that I can take the spotlight away from them and put it on myself!”

The allure of a Grand Prix is fighters testing themselves by fighting more than once in a night. The RIZIN 29 kickboxing Grand Prix will provide Takahasi with an opportunity to do so and he is looking forward to the opportunity.

“Winning this tournament can possibly change my life, so fighting twice is easy when you think about the return!”

Takahashi has put in the work to get the job done as well. Putting an emphasis on conditioning, he feels he is ready for a good night of kickboxing.

“I have been watching my diet to keep my condition at the top constantly and have been imagining the scenery when I win the tournament.”

With RIZIN being the biggest MMA and combat sports platform in Japan, Takahasi says he is lucky to take part. He says, “I am honored to be fighting on such a platform.”

Takahashi plans to play the spoiler come RIZIN 29. He is well aware of who the audience is rooting for and he says fans are in for a disappointing night.

“I want to disappoint the fans in a good way. I want them to feel betrayed by the fighter they were supporting.”

So much is in the line and Ryo Takahashi says he believes he can get on the coveted New Years Eve card that has become a RIZIN custom the last few years.

“I think this is my ticket to the New Year’s Eve show. That’s my goal at the moment so I plan on earning that golden ticket to New Year’s Eve.”

RIZIN 29 is just around the corner and takes place on June 27th. Fans will be able to catch Ryo Takahashi and the rest of the kickboxing Grand Prix on LiveNow!

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