Shodai sumo breakdown
Technical Readout: Shodai vs. Takanosho

Technical Readout: Shodai vs. Takanosho (Day 12, May 2021 Basho)

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This post is a script from my video breakdown of Shodai and Takanosho. It is intended to be viewed in video format which can be found below on YouTube!

Sumo wrestling looks like two fat guys running at each other on the surface. But deep down, there is technique and skill involved in the ancient Japanese sport. Today, we will look at one of my favorite wrestlers, or rikishi: Shodai. For the Natau basho in 2021, Shodai is an ozeki, the second highest rank in sumo. In today’s Technical Readout, we look at Shodai’s win over Tsakanosho on day 12 of the May 2021 basho.

Shodai vs. Takanosho Breakdown

The bout starts off with Takanosho getting off the line quicker than Shodai. He is lower than Shodai as well, throwing off his center of gravity. Takanosho pushes up on the head of Shodai pushing him back as well, inhibiting his view and the ping him off balance even more.

Takanosho pushes Shodai to the edge of the dohyo and, while Shodai did everything he could to find a grip to counter Takanosho, he could not find one. Takanosho then let’s his grip go giving him space to push Shodai out and win the match.

Shodai sees the lunge and prepares. He pulls the hands up of Takanosho while stepping to his right, circling away from the thrust. Takanosho is out of position here but Shodai could not capitalize to get the push out.

Shodai oversteps and Takanosho, who now has his balance back, knocks away the posted arm of Shodai on his shoulder, almost knocking Shodai down.

Takanosho let’s Shodai get the underhook here but still pushes forward. Shodai gets his feet under him just enough, raising and capturing Takanosho’s arm. He then puts his knee under Takanosho, pivots his right foot around, and with the underhooked arm, hip tosses Takanosho to the ground, securing the win.

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