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TFL reboot of the Karate Kid reboot from 2010

The Karate Kid Reboot Review: Literally About Kung Fu

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Okay this one was weird. The Karate Kid reboot came out in 2010 and was…something. While the movie itself wasn’t horrible, I struggled to find the rationale behind what the writers of the movies changed. But, I watched it regardless.

So The Karate Kid reboot wasn’t as terrible as everyone wants you to believe. But what it brought new to the table didn’t make any sense whatsoever. The movie followed the plot points of the original Karate Kid almost to a tee. From Miyagi/Han trying to catch a fly with chopsticks to the finale of the film, it was almost identical in a sense to the original movie, which is okay.

Jackie Chan is great as an actor but he played a very unconvincing Miyagi role in the movie. He wasn’t the master of philosophy that Miyagi was, something I find incredibly important for a character in the mentor role. But he and Jaden Smith’s Dre Parker eventually found their groove later in the movie.

The choreography was great as well. You could tell the director and such took time to make sure that aspect was good. It turned out to have several good fight scenes, especially in the tournament at the end of the movie.

Some Really Odd Things In The Karate Kid Reboot

Despite all the good, the decisions in the writing room were very off putting. Mainly the name of the movie and what’s practiced in said movie. For example, the movie is titled “The Karate Kid.” For the life of me, I cannot understand why they would change the movie to be about Kung Fu. It seems as if they were trying to pull the wool over our eyes and ride the coattails of the legendary original movie.

In addition to that, the movie was borderline plagiarizing the original movie as a reboot and didn’t add much of anything new to the idea of the movie. I feel that what they are trying to add to the movie didn’t quite translate well and was part of why the movie didn’t do so well. Overall, the acting wasn’t bad, the cinematography wasn’t bad, the movie as a whole was not bad. The issue that I think plagued The Karate Kid reboot was the unoriginality of the writing.

All in all, The Karate Kid reboot brought nothing new to the franchise. It simply brought Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan into the mix. The movie is a solid 4 due to the unoriginality of the film. Chan wasn’t bad, nor was Smith and any of the other actors. I simply had a hard time being invested in the movie due to just that. Due to that, even the directors of the Cobra Kai series excluded it from the Miyagiverse. While I was happy the Chinese sport of Kung Fu got some screen time, I felt like it was lazily written.

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  1. Origins of karate is from China so that’s probably why it was made in China. They probably wanted to go to the roots of karate. I think even in one of the karate kid movie miyagi mentions the origins is from china.

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