5 Craziest UFC Knockouts

Nothing strikes euphoria into the UFC hordes like an emphatic and crazy UFC knockout. Some of the most popular fighters amongst fans are those who can put their opponents to sleep in the most unorthodox way. The best UFC knockouts are conventionally those that transpire from nothing, the knockouts that leave fans with their jaws on the floor. 

With many enjoying the war of attrition in the eight walls of death, a destructive, devastating and ultimately electric knockout remains the most exhilarating sight in the MMA. Let’s have a look below at the 5 craziestUFC knockouts that have had the UFC crowds in waves of jubilation.

5. Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping (UFC 100)

With 1.6 million pay-per-views, UFC 100 was set to become the largest MMA event in the promotion’s history. Bisping had only lost one bout prior to his blockbuster showdown with Henderson and the Brit had no intention of sacrificing his title ambitions to the resistant American.

Bisping had been told that he’d be given a title shot if he could steamroll his way through Henderson. The stage was set and Bisping was in charge of delivering. Henderson thundered out of his corner in the second round and knocked Bisping’s head into orbit. His title shot was becoming a distant memory as stars appeared instead of vision.

The Brit had no chance as he ate an explosive right hand, toppling the fighter to the canvass. Henderson added another venomous shot to make sure he was finished before the referee intervened.

4. Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim (UFC 142)

One of the most dangerous strikers in the MMA, Edson Barboza’s KO of Terry Etim was truly devastating. Barboza boasted an undefeated record before Etim and added to his already impressive record in an electrifying fashion.

Barboza showcased why he was undefeated, nullifying the British fighter’s attacks with defensive leg kicks. It looked like the Brazilian was on course for a decisive decision victory when, out of nowhere, he unloaded a spinning-wheel kick that landed with such ferocity on Etim’s chin that the fans knew the fight was over.

Etim toppled over backwards in a plank-like motion slowly crashing to the canvass. It was the first-ever spinning-wheel kick knockdown and an incredible win.

3. Jorge Masvidal vs. Ben Askren (UFC 239)

July 6, in a bustling T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, the undefeated Ben Askren stood across from a sinisterly smiling Jorge Masvidal. The two prepared to lock horns in a five-round rumble, Askren raised his hands. Masvidal tore out of his corner and the fight was over in 5 seconds.

Askren was a rising star, a state wrestling champion and a former Olympian, boasting an unblemished record. The Iowa-born brawler had 19 wins in his 19 fights and seemed to be drinking from the chalice of success.

Askren’s winning streak came abruptly to a halt at the hands of a lethal Jorge Masvidal. Askren exploded out his corner in the opening round while Masvidal sprang out. By the time the two fighters collided, Masvidal’sknee had connected with Askren’s head. The fight was over.

2. Chan Sung Jung vs. Yair Rodriguez (UFC Fight 139 Night: Korean Zombie vs. Rodriguez)

“The Korean Zombie” needed only to survive one more vital second of a five-round war of attrition against YairRodriguez, and Jung would have had his first win in 21 months. But instead, at Fight Night 139, Rodriguez caught Jung with a deadly uppercut elbow in the final second which folded the Korean to the floor.

The two warriors plied their trades for a gruelling 5 rounds, which saw both men get bloodied to a pulp. The two continued trading in their final round and midway through celebrated what was likely to be a $50,000 bonus winner “Fight of Night”.

With 12 seconds left, the two exchanged a glance of mutual respect and engaged in one last, final throw down. Rodriguez was the man who received dividends as the Mexican landed a colossal elbow putting Jung out cold. Instead of the fight going to the judges’ cards, Rodriguez was confirmed a knockout winner.

1. Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo (UFC 194)

Conor McGregor’s KO of former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo elevated the Irishman to the upper echelons of the sport. In his first ever title fight inside the Octagon, the Dubliner took just 13 seconds to dismantle a previously regarded durable fighter. 

His Brazilian foe had not lost a single title fight inside the cage in a decade until 13 December, 2015. As the curtain raiser event started, McGregor looked very relaxed while Aldo looked like he was feeling the pressure.

Aldo came flying out of the blocks loading up a right hand for McGregor to taste, the Irishman countered the shot with a razor-sharp left hand that was filled with dynamite which found its way on to Aldo’s face. McGregor’s fist exploded on Aldo’s temple and the titan went down. McGregor had stamped his mark on the main stage and the Irishman’s tenure had began.

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