Sergey Lipinets interview
Sergey Lipinets: New Home At 147

Sergey Lipinets: New Home At 147

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Sergey Lipinets has found a new home at 147. The 16-1-1 boxer is preparing for a bout with Jaron Ennis who is 26-0 in his own right. Lipinets spoke with us briefly about the upcoming fight, pandemic restrictions and more!

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Sergey Lipinets Interview: Career Beginnings, Inson Fight, Ruiz-Joshua 2

In this exclusive interview, Sergey Lipinets talks his last fight with Jayar Inson, the changes the Mikey Garcia fight had on his camp, Ruiz-Joshua 2 and more!

Since we last spoke to Lipinets in September 2019, a lot has happened in the world. And by a lot, I mean a global pandemic has broken out. For Sergey Lipinets, that hasn’t changed how he boxes and his training camp is going well, just as he planned.

“The COVID pandemic didn’t really effect my camp,” Lipinets said. “Everything was going just like we planned.”

The last fight for Sergey Lipinets was a majority draw with Custio Clayton which was in October 2020, in the midst of said pandemic. Lipinets and Clayton battled it out and the judges saw the fight as a dead heat. Lipinets and his team believe that the fight should have gone his way. But that said, he is not dwelling on that decision handed down by the judges.

“I felt like I was up ahead in the fight with Clayton and then after I watched that fight with my team, we were reassured that it was the case. But the judges made their decision so it is what it is.”

Sergey Lipinets vs. Jaron Ennis

Sergey Lipinets and Jaron Ennis are ready to square off inside the ring. One thing that jumps out initially with the fight is the experience difference which shockingly goes to Ennis. When you look at it deeper, however, Lipinets has really had more of the big fight experience, being the former IBF Super Lightweight World Champion. He’s captured a title in the past and been in a giant fight. Lipinets isn’t looking at the records for him nor Ennis. Instead, he just wants to go out and be the best fighter he can be. “I’m not thinking about that fight in those terms. I’m just gonna go in there and fight my best.”

Moving up from 140 to 147 has come quite naturally for Lipinets. You can see from his weigh ins from his last fight at 140 against Mikey Garcia, to now, that he’s come in to his frame at 147. Lipinets said, “It started to be harder and harder to make 140 and I’m a heavy boned guy so it came naturally.” Looking at his weigh ins since then, Lipinets has tipped the scales at 146.5, 145.5, then back to back weights of 147. He is absolutely filling out into the division.

And when it comes to his new weight class that’s not really new anymore, Lipinets says training has been about becoming better at 147. He and his team are working on becoming more sharp and a better boxer at welterweight.

“It feels good at 147.” He continues, “Sharpness is coming with the proper training. That’s what we trying to do in the camp.”

In the past, Lipinets was a kickboxer and was 3-1 according to BoxRec. But, even though he competed there in the past, Lipinets says those days are behind him and has been for some time. His last match was in 2012 and he started boxing professionally in 2014. “I don’t do kickboxing anymore. Don’t want to risk unnecessary injury.”

Fight of the Decade: Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua

Everyone is talking about Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. I had to ask Sergey Lipinets about the upcoming heavyweight unification fight that has been long rumored. With that fight coming to fruition, all of the boxing world has been speculating on how the superfight would go. Joshua was the long time favorite, but after Fury knocked out Deontay Wilder, fans quickly began to cite him as their favorite to win. Lipinets is on the side with Fury when it comes to who he thinks will win. “I think that Fury will prevail with him being awkward and fast on his feet.”

Lipinets has a tough task ahead of him on April 10th as he looks to find his place in the 147 division. Catch it on Showtime as he looks to spoil the undefeated record of his adversary.

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