JMMA Takasuke Kume interview
Takasuke Kume interviews with me ahead of his RIZIN 27 bout.

Takasuke Kume: A Japanese MMA Staple

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At RIZIN 27, Takasuke Kume returns and takes on Koji Takeda. The fight marks Kume’s second fight with the promotion. His first was a win over the very tough Satoru Kitaoka, a fight he won by split decision. Now, Kume looks to make it two straight and notch another win in RIZIN and make his case for a shot at RIZIN gold.

In my first interview with Takasuke Kume on My MMA News, Kume spoke of some hobbies outside of fighting which included enjoying time at hot springs in Japan. Following up on that question, Kume said he’s found some awesome places in Japan that any visitor might enjoy.

“Okubizen Hot Springs in Gifu prefecture has the great atmosphere and you will be able to enjoy several types of natural hot springs so I highly recommend it!”

Kume’s fight with Kitaoka was a tough fought battle and went to a decision. Kume’s preparation for that fight was good, he says, but he feels he’s much better than what he showed and that Kitaoka did a good job of minimizing Kume’s abilities to make it as close of a fight as it was.

“I prepared well for that fight and I was in good condition but it turned out where Kitaoka’s strengths shined more than mine. So for me it wasn’t too much of a satisfying performance.”

Standing in the ring waiting for the announcement of the judges decision is a long wait for a fighter. When the announcer announces that it’s a split decision it can be even longer. But even when the announcer said one judge gave Kitaoka a win, Kume says that he didn’t have any doubt he would win. He says, “My mind was full of self belief.”

As for his first fight with RIZIN, Takasuke Kume says he is grateful and thoroughly enjoyed fighting for the promotion.

“The fight itself was a very tough one, but overall I was very honored to be able to fight on such a big stage.”

Takasuke Kume vs. Koji Takeda | RIZIN 27

As for his fight with Koji Takeda, Takasuke Kume says he’s ready to put on his best performance of his 34 fight career. He says that no matter what Takeda comes with in the cage, he’s planning on capitalizing every step of the way.

“I will be ready to be able to hold my own and capitalize wherever the fight takes me.”

Despite all the distractions in the world with restrictions from the pandemic, Kume has stayed on task and his team has been a big part of that. With such a good team, Kume says that he’s been able to focus on the fight and that his team has taken care of the rest for him.

“Our team has been taking thorough measures while training during these times. With my teammates and everybody else’s support, I have been able to concentrate and stay focused on my fight camp.”

Kume reiterated that this is not a boxing match, kickboxing, or Jiu Jitsu. It’s mixed martial arts. In order to succeed to the level he has, one must embrace all sides of the sport and not be predictable.

“We compete in the sport of mixed martial arts,”Kume says. “I am ready to be able to perform at my fullest capacity anywhere during this fight.”

Last but not least, Takasuke Kume thanks the fans. He knows without them, none of this would be possible and that his fans can expect something great in this upcoming fight at RIZIN 27.

“I am in great shape and feel excellent headed into this fight with everybody’s support. I could not do it without them. I want get a clear win by finishing this fight by a KO or submission.”

Regardless of the outcome, Takasuke Kume has done more than most in the world of mixed martial arts. His fight at RIZIN 27 only distances himself even further from the rest of the pack.

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