Kosuke Saka interview
Kosuke Saka: Japan and Boxing

Kosuke Saka: Japan and Boxing

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Japanese boxing has really come a long way in the last couple years in terms of recognition amongst Westerners. Kosuke Saka is one of those up and coming boxers that can be exciting and fans should watch out for. At 21-5 with 18 knockouts, Saka brings the fight every time. His last win saw him defending his Japanese Super Featherweight title against Takuya Watanabe. The fight was a sixth round TKO that saw Saka get his hand raised at the end of the night.

When he was a kid, Kosuke Saka was brought to a boxing gym by his mother. It took him down this path he’s on now, all the way to the defending of his title.

When he was a kid, Kosuke Saka was brought to a boxing gym by his mother. It took him down this path he’s on now, all the way to the defending of his title. “My mother took me to a relative’s boxing gym.”

Saka set out on that journey to become a professional, it wasn’t something he stumbled into. He found himself accomplishing goals one after another. “I started to want to be a professional boxer.”

With very good feet and sure of his body movement, Saka is technically sound. Early on, gymnastics was something Kosuke Saka participated in during his elementary school years. “I used to do gymnastics when I was in elementary school.”

The rise of Japanese boxing is a big deal and the region has a high ceiling. With names like Naoya Inoue, Ryota Murata, and Hiroto Kyoguchi, the Japanese side of boxing is becoming more and more popular among fans of the sport.

“I think we are opening up overseas more and more.” Saka continues, “I want to be one of them. I want to be at least a world champion.”

Kosuke Saka vs. Takuya Watanabe

The pressure of such a large fight weighs on an athlete’s mind. Going into this fight, Saka was in that same boat, having all the stakes of this fight on his shoulders to win.

The fight saw Kosuke Saka take off with the lead but Watanabe came alive in the third, popping Saka with a few shots, busting his nose. But, Saka did not give up and drove through the adversity, never giving up on himself. At the end of the third, his blonde hair was stained red in the front, but his will to win was not gone.

“My physical condition was so good that I was a little mentally ill. I think the reason for KO is that I was able to fight without giving

Kosuke Saka learned about himself in this fight. He knows now that he has not only the ability and skills to get through a tough match, but the mental ability to get through something not easy. This roadblock hurts so many young fighters. But Saka thinks he’s grown past it.

“I found the mental strength to stick to my boxing.”

Kosuke Saka

Now, Saka’s career is moving forward. And with a win over Watanabe, it’s a step forward. One more step to the World Championship he desires. 

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