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Andrei Kubarkov: New Goals

Andrei Kubarkov: New Goals

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Andrei Kubarkov was the first ever sambo piece on The Fight Library. He was the start of our coverage of the sport and we’ve grown since then. In that time, Kubarkov went on and won another gold medal at the 2020 Sambo World Championships.

To know Andrei a little better, I suggest you go read that previous post we did on him, getting to know the young Russian better before reading on! It really is a fun read.

Andrei Kubarkov Interview: Sambo Is A Way of Life

Andrei Kubarkov is coming off of winning gold at the Tatarstan President’s Challenge in sambo. In this interview we speak of how sambo has affected his life, future plans and more!

Andrei Kubarkov and the 2020 Sambo World Championships

I am very glad that in such conditions I managed to maintain my athletic form.

Andrei Kubarkov, 2020 Sambo World Champion

As mentioned earlier, this was the second World Championship earned by Andrei Kubarkov. His first came in 2018 in Bucharest, Romania. Becoming a two time champion is something not oft done but for Kubarkov, it was another day at the office. “If we compare the 2018 and 2020 world championships, then both medals are equal for me.”

That said, preparing for this year’s World Championships was a bit difference. The COVID-19 pandemic made everything harder tenfold. What’s even worse is that Andrei Kubarkov didn’t even know if there would be a World Championship due to the pandemic.

“Preparations for the championship throughout the year took place in very difficult conditions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the time we were engaged in self-isolation. Until the last moment it was not clear whether there would be a World Championship. About a month before the competition we were given a positive answer. The fact that the championship took place is a great success for the sambo world.”

2020’s changes didn’t just change the World Championships, but all of sambo as well. Kubarkov talks on the stress caused by not having all the tools he’s accustomed to at his disposal during the year.

“The 2019-2020 season was very difficult psychologically, the coronavirus, the closure of sports clubs, the cancellation of competitions, all of this was very stressful and frustrating. I am very glad that in such conditions I managed to maintain my athletic form.”

New Year, New Goals

With the capture of his second World Championship, Andrei Kubarkov wants a new challenge. He plans on changing weight classes and seeing if he can put in the work required to win gold in a different category.

“The next goal in my career is to try myself in a new weight category, there is a very difficult task, but very interesting, I will try to go down in history. There is a lot of work, perseverance and patience ahead.”

But, the next step for Andrei Kubarkov is the Sambo World Cup this month. “Now I am preparing for the World Cup which will be held in Moscow in mid-December,” says Kubarkov. The World Cup takes place on December 18-19 and will feature some of the best in the world.

For those curious about sambo and thinking of taking that dive, Kubarkov is very adamant on advocating for his sport. He says it’s a great fun for anyone and for everyone as well!

“To everyone who wants to try themselves in sambo, I will certainly say that this is an excellent choice! Modern sambo is one of the most dynamically developing sports. The technique of wrestling is constantly being improved, new techniques are being invented, of which there are currently more than a thousand. This sport will not leave you indifferent. Sambo can be practiced at any age!”

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