Jack Grant interview
Jack Grant Interview: Fetching the Violence

Jack Grant: Fetching the Violence

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Announced earlier last month, Jack Grant will be fighting on Cage Warriors 119 for the coveted Cage Warriors lightweight title. He takes on Agy Sardari, a tough 10-2 opponent who has never been finished. Grant has fought for the Cage Warriors title once, a loss to Jai Herbert, and he’s excited to get back into the title picture and enjoy himself a good scrap.

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Another title shot is the culmination of hard work since the Herbert fight. Grant has worked hard to improve his game and work his way back into the picture of the title. With what he’s done in the past, Grant feels like it was almost impossible to deny him another shot at the belt. “It’s what I’ve been working towards. I believed I would get the title shot this time around. I was very confident when I finished that last lad. It’s hard to argue when you get the finishes I’ve had. It’s hard to argue that I’m not worthy of the title shot.”

Grant knows how tough Sardari is. While he has two losses, they’re not finishes, which sets up a good goal for Jack Grant. “I’ll be going out there to finish the fight. I’m excited, you know. This guy, he’s a good opponent. I just want to be the first guy to finish him,” Grant continues, “It would be nice to be the first guy to finish him.”

Jack Grant preparing for Cage Warriors 119

The fight is a ways off and Grant is only beginning his training camp. But he’s moved in to the gym and is preparing for the best training camp he’s had yet. Grant says that as soon as everything’s finished being set up in the gym, it’s full steam ahead. 

“I haven’t really done too much on him. I’ve watched a little bit on him. But, me and my coaches are going to sit down and we’re going to study. Currently I’m in the Fight Dome at Four Corners, I’m living here now. As soon as that TV gets put up on the wall in the new Domes, we’re going to be studying.”

With the pandemic shutting down the UK again, Grant has had to take measures to make sure his training camp is of quality he’s totally prepared for this fight. He’s moved into the gym and will be in the gutter every day, training like he always has. “I’m living inside the gym. We’ve got some good fighters here. We’re just working out. Small numbers, but we’ve got a strong group. We’re putting in work every day. Every day is a spar day.”

Come fight night, there will be no nerves for Grant. There will be no pressure. Grant says all the hard work will have already been put in during the camp and that the fight is just lagniappe.

“To be honest, for me, all the hard work is going to be in the gym. I’m confident that I can beat this guy. I’m confident I can beat anyone, if I’m honest. I just need some work outs. It’ll happen as long as we work out.”

With a win, Grant puts his name out there with the best unsigned prospects at lightweight. He’s still not limiting himself to the UFC, but wouldn’t turn down the offer to fight there. He reminds people that there are still great promotions to fight for outside the UFC. 

“These shows, I don’t really get too hung up on it anymore. Yeah, I want to get paid and I’m ready for the big stage. Weather it’s UFC, Bellator, KSW, these shows are amazing. There’s so many opportunities out there.”

Past fights and greener pastures

Jack Grant has been lobbying for the belt for some time. Ever since Cage Warriors 96, where brutally finished Aleksi Mantykivi, he’s been aiming to capture the Cage Warriors belt for the challenge’s sake. That night, Soren Bak captured the belt and then bolted for greener pastures in Bellator. When Bak came on our show back then, he had things to say about Grant that didn’t sit well with Grant.

“…one thing I did noticed on Jack is his first real hard opponents have been his last two. Yeah, he comes off a six fight winning streak, but the first four, many of them don’t have positive records. I know a lot of people are calling for Jack and I believe Jack will get his shot eventually, but I can’t say it’s right now.”

Soren Bak to The Fight Library, 10/4/2018

While Jack Grant knows Bak was a fantastic fighter, he maintains that Bak knew the two matched up in Grant’s favor, hence the quick move to Bellator and avoiding defending his title while waiting on the UFC.

“He’s tough, to be fair. He’s a good fighter. I just wanted to fight him because at that time because he was the best in our division. He had the belt and I wanted to fight him and wanted my opportunity. I just believe I match so well against him and I believe he knows that and that’s why he was coming up with some mad comments.”

Then Grant throws shade at hometown hero Paddy Pimblett who almost finished Bak at Cage Warriors 96 and couldn’t quite cinch up the choke. “All I know, if I got on somebody’s neck like that, I would finish it,” said Grant lightheartedly.

Fighting in perspective

Winning the belt is important to Grant. Putting his name in there with names like Conor McGregor is an honor for the Brit and to do it with such authority like Grant hopes would be the icing on the cake.

“It’s something to be proud of. That belt is very prestigious and it’s a bit of a must have for fighters like myself. Get one of those major titles before going on to a bigger show. But, to be honest, I just want to fight. I’m not really too assed about the belt. I just want to beat the guy who is in front of me. He’s 10-2 and he’s not been finished. More so than the belt, I want to finish him.”

But Jack Grant isn’t putting all the emphasis on the belt. He’s won regional belts before and they’ve all ended up in the same situation. He is hoping for a good scrap instead.

“When I was younger, I fought for little belts in smaller shows. It meant a lot to me to get the belt. I just look at them now, and they’re just kind of collecting dust. It’s clutter. You collect so much shit on this journey, I’ve got nowhere to put it. I’ve got nice medals, belts, and really, all that matters is winning to me.” This isn’t to say that winning a major belt, like the UFC, would be shoved in the same closet at Grant’s house. “To be fair, that’s one belt I might look after a little bit more. But it soon wears off.”

When asked why fans should tune in to Cage Warriors 119, Grant gave the most badass quote in the history of The Fight Library:

“Win or lose, I fetch violence,” said Grant. “It’s always exciting. Not only that you’ll see me smiling and flexing and shit. Check it out!”

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