Jack Grant: Man of Violence

Check out our latest interview with Jack Grant ahead of his title fight at Cage Warriors 119!

Jack Grant: Fetching the Violence

Jack Grant makes his second bid for Cage Warriors gold at Cage Warriors 119 in December. We spoke with Grant about the upcoming fight and past rivalries.

Cage Warriors is vastly approaching this weekend’s trio of cards dubbed The Trilogy. On that card is one of the most exciting fighters out of the UK: Jack Grant. Grant has a 15-5 record and has fought for the coveted Cage Warriors title once already. Grant feels that in his next shot at Cage Warriors gold, he will see himself become a champion. But first, he has a tough bout ahead of him by the name of Yassine Belhadj at Cage Warriors 115.

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Coming into Cage Warriors 115, Grant says it has been a wild year, but he’s not the only one affected. “It’s been a wild year so far, obviously. We’ve had a lot get in the way. Everybody, we’ve all just been in the same boat,” says Grant.

But, despite the pandemic and all of it’s restrictions and hurdles in the way, Jack Grant feels like his camp is going fantastic and everything has been pretty close to normal.

“It hasn’t really affected this training camp. I’m training at a gym called UFD. The pro mat is excellent. We’ve got good numbers. Everything I need is here. As far as this fight goes, we’re on track.”

Grant’s last fight was a loss to now-UFC signed, Jai Herbert. Grant was finished in the third round as Herbert snatched the belt he’s been coveting since his debut in Cage Warriors. Coming off of that loss, Grant is looking to keep more relaxed. While the stakes aren’t as high, he is still in the mix for a title.

“It is a different approach. I’m going to be more relaxed about it. I know I can get that belt. I even believe if I rematched Jai, I could win that fight. I always believe that I can win every fight. I’m back on track and ready to go. I believe this year I’m going to get that belt.”

It’s no secret that Cage Warriors puts out some of the best names in mixed martial arts. From Conor McGregor to Michael Bisping, Cage Warriors always has new talent for the UFC and it’s something they hang their hat on. I asked Grant what are these guys eating up I the UK to be such a hotbed for MMA. Grant not only acknowledges the level of talent coming out of his home promotion, he insists that it’s only going to get better going forward.

“To be honest, I don’t know. I guess we’re just all freaks. It must be the tap water, I’m not sure. To be honest, I think the UK has a strong MMA scene now. These guys can do everything, they can wrestle, they can strike, their Jiu Jitsu is very strong. I believe in the upcoming years, you’re going to start seeing more champions in the UFC.”

Jack Grant and the UFC

Of course, Jack Grant’s goal is to fight in the biggest mixed martial arts promotion in the world. Following in the footsteps of lightweight champions like McGregor, Herbert and more, Grant feels that he’s just one win of the title away from getting that coveted call up from Dana White and Sean Shelby.

“I think it should be every young fighter’s dream to get into the UFC. Anyone who hasn’t been there, you got to have your eyes on that. Equally, there are other shows and other opportunities out there. For your average fan, the UFC is the pinnacle. There’s other ways to earn really good money in this sport. Who knows, but my goal is the UFC. I believe as soon as I get that belt, I’ll get there.”

But, Jack Grant isn’t dead set on the UFC. He still has his eyes on the prize, which is, of course, a pay check. When asked if he might follow in the footsteps of someone like Soren Bak or Brendan Loughnane, Grant lit up with laughter, especially at fighting in the PFL tournament for a million dollars.

“I’d fight anyone for a million quid,” said Grant with a laugh. “I would fight anyone for much less. A million pounds, man? No brainer. I’d fight a bear for that.”

Fighting with no crowd at Cage Warriors 115

With restrictions going on due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cage Warriors 115 is taking place without a crowd. Being the type of fighter he is, Grant generally feeds off of the energy. While he says the ring walk will be different, once the bell ring and he’s been given permission to punch another man, it’s all excitement regardless.

“This is a no crowd show. We’re going to have to isolate a few days. I think it’s three days we’re going to have to isolate for COVID tests. It’s going to be boring but, whatever. Soon as the bell goes, it’s all excitement. It’s all going to be the same, it’s just going to be the little details, like walking into the cage. It’s good though, I’m up for experiencing this.”

Grant says while he’s open to fighting with no crowd, if given the option, he’s fighting in front of thousands to feed off of the energy in the room.

“I’m open to the experiment. But, equally, I love a crowd. For me personally, the more pressure, the better. Every fight I can drown under pressure, but I believe I actually thrive under pressure. Sometimes I act really bombard myself with pressure. I believe it brings the best out of me.”

Predicting Khabib-Gaethje

Given his affinity for chaos, I had Jack Grant weigh in on the upcoming mega fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje. The two superstars are set to unify their lightweight belts at UFC 254. While Grant loves Gaethje and what he brings to the table, he is sticking with the champion when predicting who will win the fight.

“To be honest with you, Justin Gaethje is phenominal. Although I’m a fighter, I’m also a fan of these guys, even if they’re in the same category as me, I will always give my honest opinion on somebody. Justing Gaethje is a fan favorite. I just can’t see anyone beating Khabib. He’s just a beast. At the end of the day, both would make great champions. I’m about it either way.”

Jack Grant takes charge at Cage Warriors 115 this weekend live on UFC Fight Pass. Follow Grant on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to follow his fight week journey.

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