The Fight Library is now on Rokfin!

Starting this website, I was tired of the regular MMA sites that forced ads down your throat and didn’t really care about the stories they ran as long as it got them clicks. There were, and still are, literal articles about something a fighter Tweeted. 300 words, minimum effort, and not real stories. This site was started to combat that. While I have ran those terrible ads in the past for a short period, it never sat right with me. So this site remains ad-free.

But, websites are not free to maintain. I need ways to pay for it and to write better stories. So, today, I’m proud to announce that The Fight Library has partnered with

Rokfin was founded by Martin Floreani, the founder of FloSports. His new brainchild is an alternative to Patreon and the likes. There are two types of content, free and premium. Free content is, of course, free. Then there is paid content for the site as well. The site’s advantage is that you pay a $9.99 a month fee, but you get the premium content across the entire site.

This means in addition to exclusive Rokfin content from us, paying the $9.99 a month will get you access to premium content from James Lynch, Mat Scouts, Chael Sonnen, AJ Agazarm, and more.

It’s not only for combat sports. There are politic channels and football if that’s your fancy. Best part, Rokfin is adding more fins as demand increases.

If you want to join Rokfin and support The Fight Library, helping pay for the site and equipment to make this project even better, sign up for Rokfin on my profile below.