Ekaterina Vinnikova: Russia’s Muay Thai Prospect

While Thai boxing is a native sport to Thailand, it’s influence worldwide, it is practiced worldwide. Ekaterina Vinnikova is a 3-2 professional Muay Thai fighter. Signed to Evolt MMA Management, her young career is just getting started. Like Enrico Carrara being proud to represent Italy, Vinnikova represents her home of Russia with pride.

Ekaterina Vinnikova started Muay Thai because of her twin sister. “I came to Thai boxing after my twin sister,” says Vinnikova. She continues, “The gym was next to our house.” With such ease of access to the gym, it wasn’t hard for Vinnikova to hone her skills to a point to where she could go pro. What works even more in Vinnikova’s favor is that her twin sister is also a Muay Thai coach. Having someone that knows you so well at your side is a huge advantage for Ekaterina Vinnikova.

Outside of fighting, Vinnikova has learned guitar and enjoys playing. She admits that ever since picking up the sport, she hasn’t had much time to play. “I like to play the guitar, before doing Muay Thai I learned to play, unfortunately there is no time now.” Regardless, the love to play is still there.

Ekaterina Vinnikova And Muay Thai

Vinnikova thinks Muay Thai is the best and most entertaining of the striking arts. She believes the ability to use the eight limbs is the reason most, herself included, are drawn to the sport. “It’s probably like most, I like the ability to beat with eight body parts! It is a variety of strikes!”

Combat sports provide athletes with a means to see the world, which wouldn’t always be possible. Ekaterina Vinnikova said, perhaps very appropriately, that Thailand was the most memorable moment of her young career by far.

“It is Thailand! My first World Championship was held there. I really like Thailand, I now have very positive associations with it.”

The pandemic has changed how fighters have prepared for fights. Their training, sparring, and drilling has all been dramatically changed to reduce the exposure to COVID-19.

Russia was not spared in the COVID-19 pandemic and Vinnikova continued her training the best way she could. “I studied at home, tried to keep fit, did everything that I could in these conditions.”

As for her goals, Vinnikova wants to be the best. She has broad goals to be a champion. Vinnikova was already a five time Russian champion in Thai boxing during her amateur stint. She’s now ready to take it to the next level.

“The immediate goal is to win the World and European Championships and to become an honored Master of Sports.”

The European and World Championship are self explanatory. Master of Sports is a Russian award given to the best athletes. You may remember in a previous post that Gamzatbek Makaev was honored as a Master of Sport. Vinnikova has that same goal.

Ekaterina Vinnikova has big plans for the rest of 2020 and continuing on to 2021 and beyond. Follow Vinnikova on Instagram to follow her journey though the Muay Thai world!

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