Alessio Di Chirico: A Cornered Pitbull

UFC middleweight, Alessio Di Chirico, has his back against the wall and is out on a mission. On a two fight skid, he is taking on Zak Cummings at UFC Vegas 8. Now Di Chirico is mad. He is out to prove himself against Cummings and show the fans what he is truly capable of.

Di Chirico started fighting almost by accident. Starts fighting from the sheer fun he is having on the mat. His accomplishments came quick and the next thing he knew, Alessio Di Chirico was an IMMAF World Champion.

“I started in a small gym in Rome. I barely knew what MMA was and I found myself on a mat without wanting it. I was just having fun but from that day I never got back from that mat. I started as an amateur and won the [IMMAF] World Championship in Las Vegas. Then I started my career as a pro. It’s been a hell of a ride.”

It was that win in Las Vegas that Alessio Di Chirico will remember for the rest of his life. Being able to prove he’s the best and represent his country is monumental. When asked if that was his favorite memory of his career, he said it without a doubt was.

“It was Las Vegas, no doubt about it! I won the IMMAF world championship in Vegas and raised the flag very high and very proudly for the first time in my life. Every man has some unforgettable moments in his life: first time he have sex, first booze, first time he fights and the first time in Vegas!”

Outside of fighting, Di Chirico is an avid soccer fan. He is particularly fond of A.S. Roma and is excited where the new owner is taking the club.

“I really love soccer and I’m a big fan of A.S. Roma, the best team in town. We have a new American owner, Mr. Friedkin and I think they can do very good. I can’t wait for the new season to begin!”

Alessio Di Chirico: A Cornered Pitbull

As mentioned earlier, Alessio Di Chirico is angry. He doesn’t think he got a fair shake in his last two fights. “I’m very very angry, if you think I lost my last two bouts, I’m sure you didn’t watch them on TV,” says Di Chirico.

Of course, the story of the year has been how COVID-19 has affected athletes. From training in the streets to cancellations of entire seasons, no area of the combat sports world has remain untouched. Italy was hit particularly hard in the pandemic and with Di Chirico residing in Rome, he was on the front lines of the pandemic’s deadliest wave. But, Alessio De Chirico says his people are resourceful and are hell-bent on getting their country back to normal.

“The crisis we all went through and the lockdown managed to keep Italian people held one to another as I haven’t seen in ages. We had a lot of troubles, as everyone else in the world, but now we’re so determined to get things back together and achieve the most important goals we can achieve.”

Di Chirico was supposed to fight Markus Perez before the entire event was cancelled due to the pandemic. While that fight wasn’t rebooked, Di Chirico says it’s no sweat. He is down to fight any one, any day, any place.

“I don’t know anything about what happened with Perez, I just signed a deal so I was sure to fight him then I read on Instagram he had another opponent. I don’t care.”

Despite all the struggles, the two losses, the pandemic, and every other set back, Alessio Di Chirico says he is now the best he’s ever been. As the old adage goes: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Di Chirico is ready to go out and show the world the new version of himself and to put on a show for the fans.

“I completely changed my life, my training and fighting style. I really feel different and improved in every aspect of my life, fighting included.”

Predicting Khabib and Gaethje

With the whole MMA world having their eyes on the next super fight, the obvious choice to talk about is Khabib Nurmagomedov’s next title defense against Justin Gaethje. Khabib is putting his perfect 28-0 record on the line looking to secure the fourth defense of his lightweight title. In his way is the new and improved Justin Gaethje who has gone from brawler to tactician under the tutelage of Trevor Wittman. Gaethje, of course, broke the entire MMA community’s heart by dismantling Tony Ferguson at UFC 249, dashing the dreamed matchup of Khabib versus Ferguson for a fifth time. Now, the two are on a collision course that has the whole world watching like two hurricanes set to collide.

Alessio Di Chirico weighed in on the epic super fight. He knows how close of a matchup it is and is excited for the fireworks it out sure to produce.

“I have no idea who’s gonna win but I’m sure it will be a super exciting fight,” says Di Chirico. “If you force me to tell you one name I’ll tell you Khabib.”

Alessio Di Chirico is ready to take on the biggest challenge of his career thus far. He is ready to put a show on for his fans and fight fans around the world on Saturday. Be sure to follow Di Chirico on Instagram and Twitter to follow his fight week journey.

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