Enrico Carrara: Lion Fight Glory

Lion Fight is returning, and this time there are a slew of Muay Thai bouts all aiming to impress the world. On top of that card is a title fight between Enrico Carrara and Giannis Sofokleus. The Italian, Carrara, has a fantastic record of 56-4-2 and looks to capture a title on his home turf in Italy and wrap the belt around his waist by beating a very experienced opponent. Since joining Lion Fight he has two clear wins over Heriberto Tovar and Alex Bublea.

Enrico Carrara started fighting a little later in life. He did not pick up Muay Thai until he was 16. But he immediately felt the attraction to combat sports and has become one with the sport of Muay Thai.

“At the age of 16 I approached Muay Thai thanks to a friend who invited me to go to the gym. From the very first workout, a strong passion was immediately taken that still resides in me today and encourages me to want to fight. I think that combat is the most ancestral form of mindfulness and inner awareness. As they say, the primary opponent is yourself with your masks and your ego, the opponent is just a figure.”

Outside of fighting, Carrara is a very spiritual person. He spends his time becoming more at one with himself and practices self-wellness almost every day.

“The first hobby, if we can define it this way, is meditation that I practice every day. I also have a degree in clinical psychology and I specialized on July 23 in psychology of groups and social relations. In addition to fighting, I practice some psychological practices with sportsmen in the martial arts world and for a year, I have been attending a course in soul medicine. I also read a lot and I am a huge fan of horror films as can be deduced from the masks I use to enter the ring.”

As for the masks, you have to see them. They are the things nightmares are made of (literally). Every fight, Carrara wears another frightening mask on his walkout.


“The use of the mask is due to my passion for horror movies,” says Carrara. “The idea came years ago and now I think I have over 30 horror character masks at home. I think it gives a greater stage imprint that can be appreciated by the public. I want to clarify that it has nothing to do with the opponent, the mask is a custom then in the ring, you have to fight.

When asked if fans can expect a mask at his title fight in the latest Lion Fight event, Enrico Carrara says we can expect another new one! “I chose a very specific mask and maybe there will be a surprise but I don’t anticipate it.”

Enrico Carrara Training Under COVID-19 Restrictions

The pandemic has changed sports for the most part of 2020, and in combat sports, it’s changed preparation for fights. Carrara is no exception. He hasn’t been able to spar full time, but he expects to fully be ready for his fight.

“Having to train at home and reschedule the training with the available material was not easy especially if you do not have a large outdoor space. Fortunately, we have a small concrete space in the house where I could train. Preparing for the match without being able to spar and paying attention to the necessary precautions was not easy but slowly I trust things will return to full normality.”

When looking at his opponent, Giannis Sofokleus, Carrara knows what is ahead for him. He knows how experienced Sodokleus is. He has over 20 fights to his name and has fought in Glory, Enfusion and SUPERKOMBAT. He feels he’s ready for the challenge and ready to prove himself in front of his home country.

“My opponent has a lot of experience and has won many titles. Consequently, a great focus on the present moment is needed even more, being careful to find the right solution. We worked a lot on the explosiveness with the various trainers and on the right timing in some specific situations that may arise during the fight.”

As a career, Enrico Carrara has his mind set on one thing at a time. He is focused on the task ahead of him, which is the Lion Fight World Title. He believes Lion Fight is the best Muay Thai promotion and a winning of a belt there would be amazing for him.

“The first goal would be to win the Lion Fight title which, for me, turns out to be the best Muay Thai promotion. Just think, all the matches are over 5 rounds as traditional Muay Thai provides. Also, I would like to be the best in the world in my weight. But for now, let’s just think step by step, so first, the wonderful opportunity that was offered to me.”

A Promising Career

So early on, Enrico Carrara has a promising career ahead of him. He has fought in many places but he feels Lion Fight is his home. And he as certainly been around.

“Winning in Las Vegas last September 21 at Lion Fight 60 is certainly an indelible memory in my mind. There have been many important moments such as the IFMA mondiaĺi in Cancun, Mexico and the Europeans in Paris. There is also Bellator Budapest as well as the Italian title Fight 1 both times.”

As mentioned earlier, his debut in Lion Fight last September was huge for Carrara. “As mentioned before, the trip to Las Vegas had something magical both for the prestige of the Lion Fight and for the company or my teacher Simone Benedettini and Bruno Botindari.” Enrico Carrara continues, “Furthermore, President Scott Kent and Scott Zerr were immensely courteous and helpful and this behavior is certainly not to be underestimated. So being able to have the chance to fight in their organization is an honor for me.”

Now Carrara takes on the biggest challenge of his young career yet. He takes on Sofokleus for his title and looks to make a dream come true.

“It would be the culmination of a dream. Regardless of how it goes, I will do everything to win this title ,not to mention that having the chance to fight for the Lion Fight title in Rosolini in the Evolution Fight event has a great value. The event organized by Bruno [Botindari] really has something magical and it would be even more magical to win and be able to go to America again with Simone and Bruno.”

Carrara looks to make a statement at the Road to Lion Fight and win a World Title. Follow Enrico Carrara on Instagram and Facebook to follow his Muay Thai journey.

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