Akihiro Fujisawa: Japan and Jordans

ONE Championship has risen from the pandemic ashes and has returned to ashes. On the second card back, ONE Championship put on their No Surrender II card. On that card Akihiro Fujisawa defeated Pongsiri Mitsatit in the fastest knockout of the night.

Fujisawa, known as “Superjap,” is deeply proud of his Japanese heritage. His martial arts journey started from a Japanese show. “I was inspired from Japanese TV show and then decided to go to the gym that was close to my home.”

Outside of fighting, Akihiro Fujisawa is a sneaker enthusiast and a ramen fan. “I enjoy collecting sneakers and eating ramen,” says Fujisawa. As for his favorite sneakers, he’s a fan of Jordans. “I love the Jordan Series, especially the Jordan 1 because Michael Jordan is my idol. The Jordan 1 is a classic.”

Akihiro Fujisawa at ONE Championship: No Surrender II

Coming into No Surrender II, Fujisawa had lost three straight fights. He took on Pongsiri Mitsatit, who was looking for a win as well. The two had much to lose in their fight. “I was feeling a little pressure,” Fujisawa said. He continued, “But I believe in myself and that I can make it. I was like, ‘I have to win no matter what.’”

But, Fujisawa doesn’t let the pressure get to him. He embraces the pressure and focuses it on the fight. “I always feel some pressures when I have a fight. But it makes me more focused on the fight.”

The fight did not see the end of the first round. Fujisawa dropped Pongsiri and started some ground and pound. Pongsiri managed to get up but the fight wasn’t long. Fujisawa folded Pongsiri and the ref had seen enough.

“He surprised me with elbowing me from bottom position. It didn’t work that well but hurt a little bit.”

Snapping his three fight skid was relieving for Akihiro Fujisawa. “That was happiest moment ever because of all hard the work and sacrifices were made for this moment.”

Akihiro Fujisawa was counted out by a lot of fans. But Fujisawa doesn’t worry about it. As long has his team and friends believe in him, he is good.

“My coach and friends expected me to finish him. I believed in them and myself. I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”

ONE Championship’s Brand

ONE Championship is the premier MMA brand in the East. Having shows everywhere from China to Taiwan to Japan, ONE has a stranglehold on the region. With some of the best fighters in the world, ONE Championship has built a great roster of fighters and has great loyalty with their fighters.

Akihiro Fujisawa is grateful to be able to fight on such a large platform. “ONE Championship really cares for their fighters and respects us. This global stage always motivates me.”

As for what’s next, Fujisawa is putting in the work to become the best in his sport. But being a champion is not all Fujisawa is working for. “Of course my goal is to be a champion. But, I also want to inspire somebody who struggle with something.”

Akihiro Fujisawa will continue to fight for ONE Championship and climb the ranks of their stacked division. Follow Fujisawa on Twitter and Instagram to follow his fight journey.

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