Getting to Know GaryVee: How the Most Ruthless Entrepreneur Will Own the MMA Management Game

Getting to Know @garyvee : How the Most Ruthless Entrepreneur Will Own the MMA Management Game @vaynersports

Earlier this week, news broke that Gary Vaynerchuk and his sports agency, VaynerSports, would be entering the MMA agency game. The agencey announced their entry to the market with the signing of some of the best and most legendary names the sport has to offer. Chris Weidman, Tony Ferguson, Curtis Blaydes, Eddie Alvarez, Vitor Belfort, and Urijah Faber were all names announced to have signed with the promotion. Vaynerchuk, affectonately known as GaryVee and an immigrant from Russia, is one of the most ruthless businessmen of the modern era with lofty goals and a deep foot in athletics already.

GaryVee announces over and over again on his podcast, The GaryVee Experience, that he plans to own the New York Jets one day. And GaryVee will absolutely own the Jets. The social media mogul has leveraged his influence and his insane work habit building his first empire in the win business with Wine Library TV that now encompasses everything from sport management to brand building. Building a brand is GaryVee’s bread-and-butter. VaynerMedia has worked with Toyota, Hulu, Chase Bank and more to build the brands to even bigger and better levels in the digital age.

GaryVee entering the sports world, more applicable the mixed martial arts game, is only a positive thing for the sport. As he signs more and more fighters, the brand building his clients will see will be second to none. They will get eyes on themselves like they’ve never seen before building the sport as a whole. While agencies do a good job getting their fighters the attention they deserve, VaynerSports will excel at it and take over the game.

GaryVee and the Drive to Dominate

GaryVee has one mode: win. Famously, he’s passed on Uber as an angel invester back when the company was new and he has never lived that down. He uses the passing on Uber as one of the reasons he is still human and makes mistakes. Using that, he’s inspired thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs that, while they may make mistakes, it’s okay because mistakes happen, even to GaryVee. He doesn’t mope around on his loss and has continued to drive to his goal of buying the Jets.

GaryVee may not be involved in the day to day of the VaynerSports MMA division, but he brings that winning expectation regardless. Anything Vaynerchuk ventures in, he goes balls deep and does not stop until he’s exhausted every option to make it a profitable venture. VaynerSports has already had success in the NFL, Baseball and eSports.

Make no doubt about it, VaynerSports is coming for the juggular of all other MMA management firms. They will be ruthless, bringing unrelenting force to dominate the game. Simply put, GaryVee and company will “Crush It” (bad pun, I know, Gary) when it comes to his newest venture into the sport of mixed martial arts.

In under five years time, VaynerSports will be a major, if not the biggest, player in the MMA management world. With fighters in the UFC and ONE Championship, two of the biggest promotions in the world, Vaynerchuk and VaynerSports is going for the cream of the crop. In the next few months and years, I expect to see many, many big names move over to VaynerSports. Especially after seeing what success like the already popular Ferguson, Faber and more have increasing their brand value.

Brace yourselves, the VaynerSports era is upon us.

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