Diana Belbita: The Warrior Princess

#UFCFightIsland @dianabelbita: The Warrior Princess

“The Warrior Princess,” Diana Belbita, is preparing to make her second trip to the octagon on UFC Fight Island. Belbita lost her first matchup against a very talented Molly McCann at UFC Boston. Now she looks to bounce back and start her development and climb in the UFC women’s flyweight division.

Belbita started her martial arts career to prove a point. She had to prove to her father that she was not just a girl and that she could be the tough and amazing child he wanted regardless of how she was born. “My father wanted me to be born a boy. I started martial arts because I wanted to show him that I can do whatever a boy does.”

The proof is in the pudding, Diana Belbita is now in the most premier fighting organization in the world. She is in the UFC which has a collection of the best fighters on the planet.

Outside of fighting, Belbita is a fun and laid back person. She has two pups that are loads of fun.

“I generally love peace and animals, so when I’m not in the gym and I have a little free time, I like to spend time with my two big dogs. They like to swim, so we usually play in the pool. And if eating chocolate can be called a hobby, then yes, this is one of my hobbies.”

Diana Belbita and the UFC

Upon signing to the UFC, Diana knew she had an opportunity many dreamed of. She took control of her own life and had an opportunity to seize this moment to take control. She has taken her training to a new level and feels as if she’s grown leaps and bounds.”

“When I signed the contract with the UFC, I knew I would have to change my life. So the next day I packed my things and got my plane ticket to Canada. And yes, my life has changed. I evolved a lot as an athlete and it changed me as a person.”

Preparing for Fight Island

Unfortunately, Belbita’s UFC debut didn’t go her way. It was a tough and grueling fight that was handed to McCann. But Diana Belbita is adamant that we’re in for a treat to see an entirely new version of herself. She feels that loss improved her in ways she’s never before seen.

“In my first fight in the UFC I was just a kid. I have changed, I have evolved and I am looking forward to showing this to the whole world,” says Belbita.

Diana Belbita fights Liana Jojua on the undercard of Calvin Kattar and Dan Ige on Fight Island. Preparing for this fight is a business as usual process for Belbita. She is not letting the fight with McCann hold her back.

“Win or lose, the work for a fight is the same. Since I was a child I have learned that there are defeats that raise you in the rankings and certainly the fight with Molly was a defeat that raised me.”

Belbita is completely focused as well. There is no, “what is next.” There is only here and now. The fight that lies in front of her. She remains on task and will cross that bridge with her team when they get there.

“I’m currently focusing on the next fight. What will follow after this fight, I will find out at the right time.”

The MMA community is enthralled over Fight Island. Belbita, however, isn’t worried about where the fight takes place. As long as it’s in the cage, it’s all the same for The Warrior Princess.

“For me, it doesn’t matter where I fight. It doesn’t matter if the event takes place on an island or in the middle of the city, my fight is inside the cage.”

Diana Belbita takes on her next big challenge on Fight Island next week! Be sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to follow her fight journey!

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