Teeik Silva: Karate’s New Wave

#karate @teeikmma: Karate’s New Wave

Welcome to the first entry of our karate coverage! In today’s interview, we speak to Matheus Silva. Teeik is a Karate Combat vet and MMA fighter. He sat down with us and talked some karate, what’s next, and more!

Silva started in karate at an incredibly young age for health reasons. Lo and behold, he’s become incredibly successful at it. “I started karate when I was 4, to help me with the various health problems I had as a child.”

Outside of training and fighting, Teeik enjoys financials of all things. He reminds us he is a fighter first and looks to simply be smart with what his talents bring him.

“I do few things besides training, eating, training, sleeping and training, but I really enjoy reading and investing my money in the financial market. That’s what I do when I’m not doing something about fighting.”

Matheus Silva, Striking Aficionado

Silva isn’t a one trick pony. He is also a mixed martial artist as well with a 7-2 record. He’s not all striking either. He has two wins by submission. But, striking is his forte and he feels that’s his true art.

“I like to exchange punches, regardless if it is in MMA, karate or any other art. I was born for that. I like to give the public what they want to see, which is two good athletes competing for high level skills and making money thereby.”

Karate Combat

The life of a prize fighter has the highest echelon of rewards. Matheus Silva has fought in some incredible places. As mentioned earlier, he even made an appearance on Bas Rutten’s Karate Combat. Silva believes in the new wave of karate and feels it is tailor made for the fans.

“These are good rules that encourage fans of martial arts, as they have no grip. So whoever has the best fighting strikes while standing takes the victory. This event is the karate revolution that I believe in! No exaggerated screams and great impact on blows.”

As for Karate Combat, a new event is right around the corner according to Teeik. The last was in January 2019 and the young promotion has been restructuring. But for Karate Combat fans, the wait might not be much longer. He has a fight in the works and looks to compete again soon.

“The matchmaker called me this week. They are planning something big for this event and I hope it will be as good as the one in New York and Los Angeles. This time I believe it is in Europe, probably in 6 or 7 weeks. I also believe that I will fight a Spanish-speaking athlete, but I have not yet received the fight contract to confirm. I am waiting.”

As for what we can expect, it’s only the most brutal. Matheus Silva wants to intimidate the game. “My current goal is to beat my next opponent and scare my future opponents.”

The future is ambitious for Matheus Silva. He enjoys Karate Combat and fully intends on using that platform to propel himself even higher in the martial arts community.

“I just turned 25, I’m going to take the opportunity to earn my space in the world of martial arts, within Karate Combat and soon in the UFC.”

Karate and the Olympics

Karate was added to the Olympics for the Tokyo Olympics. It was originally scheduled to be in 2020, but was pushed back to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless, karate is making a huge debut and will undoubtedly gain so many new fans with the massive amount of exposure it is soon to receive. While Silva is hesitant on the rule set to come with Olympic recognition, he says the athletes will benefit regardless.

“In my opinion it’s been great for the promotion of the sport but the amount of rules for the Olympics is taking away the essence of karate. I hope that the athletes are finally recognized and can change their lives.”

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