Thananchai: Thai Boxing

Thananchai: Thai Boxing #muaythai

As the national sport of Thailand, Muay Thai has the most rabid fan base in the entire martial arts community. The sport fills the stadiums of Lumpinee and Rajadamnern multiple nights a week. Muay Thai has a place in other sports as well: MMA, lethwei, and more. It is absolutely one of the most influential aspects in the combat sports world. Thananchai is one of the more fun of the Muay Thai fighters to watch.

Thananchai is one of Thailand’s more popular Thai boxers. With a 63-18-1 record, Thananchai had been around the block. The crazy thing is he is only 19 years old too. He made his professional Muay Thai debut at only 14 years of age. His start in Thai boxing was a family ordeal. “My father likes it,” Thananchai says. “He started to train me.”

Thananchai has been fighting since a very young age, as mentioned earlier. But he has progressed and looks better and better each fight. His influence is the legendary Petchboonchu. Petchboonchu has an astounding amount of fights, 339 in total. He’s fought in Lunpinee, Rajadamnern, and more. “I like Petchboonchu! He has very strong knees,” says Thananchai of his favorite fighter.

As for his favorite career moment, Thananchai doesn’t have a specific moment he favors. “I like when I win,” Thananchai says. The thrill of winning never gets old for the Thai boxer. It’s that feeling that keeps him fighting.

Thananchai World Champion Goals

As for his career goals, Thananchai wants only the best. “I want to be a World Champion and let people know me around the world.” He’s won belts but never a World Championship. But that’s not unreachable for the young Thai boxer. With a few good wins, he will be right there.

Thananchai is also hoping a change in gyms will benefit him as well. He’s moved from Rachanon to Sitsongpeenpong in hopes of achieving that goal.

For the Westerner looking to get involved with Muay Thai, Thananchai says the real world applicability is what should draw you to the sport. “Muay Thai is a martial art that can be used in real life,” he says.

Muay Thai in the Olympics

Many combat sports are attempting to join the Olympic Games, most notably mixed martial arts. But that doesn’t mean sports like sambo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are trying as well. There are massive communities trying to get more combat sports in the most prestigious games in history. Muay Thai is one sport that would fit well in the Olympics. It’s already a giant sport and has incredible popularity all over the world. It’s international community is huge. Thananchai says he is hopeful that it will join the Games in the future. “I want it to be. I hope that it will be like that.”

Thananchai will continue his career as a Thai boxer and looks to make his way towards a shot at the World Championship. Regardless, he will continue to entertain fans and put on some of the most fun fights. Follow Thananchai on Instagram to follow his Muay Thai quest for the top!

Special thanks to u/reroyd on the r/translator subreddit for helping me with the translation of this interview!

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