Brandon Girtz: The Warrior’s Spirit

Brandon Girtz: The Warrior’s Spirit

Brandon Girtz has yet another tough fight coming up at Bellator 239. He takes on former UFC featherweight Myles Jury. Girtz is no stranger to big fights. Having fought Saad Awad, Michael Chandler, Derek Campos, Melvin Guillard and more.

Girtz is not getting wild and crazy in his camp coming into the Jury fight. “Just the typical,” says Girtz “[I’m] just training hard, cardio, you know? Hitting pads and doing the thing. Just typical stuff.”

He continues saying how he’s concentrating in what he is good at. “I pretty much always focus on the stuff I’m good at and what I do well.”

Brandon Girtz is excited to fight Myles Jury. He looks forward to the opportunity to fight a guy who has been considered one of the best in mixed martial arts.

“I think it’s a great matchup. It was a fight I asked for. He’s got a name and he was top ten in the UFC at one point. It was a fight they gave me. I’m definitely excited about it. I like to go against top competition. I like to cement my legacy and take the best fights I can.”

Brandon Girts and the Warrior Spirit

As mentioned earlier, Brandon Girtz does take the tough fights. In addition to the fights mentioned earlier, he has had fights scheduled Jon Tuck and Pedro Carvalho. He’s also fought Drew Dober who is a UFC talent as well. Brandon Girtz will fight anyone any day.

Breaking down his fight, Girtz likes the matchup with Myles Jury. He feels he is the fighter and Jury is looking for points and not a war.

“I look at Myles Jury and I don’t want to say he’s a karate style, but he’s more going for points. When I go out there, I’m looking to make it a fight. I don’t want to say dirty it up, but it’s not clean when I’m out there. It’s not just a rhythm. I ain’t kicking somebody. I ain’t throwing light punches to set something. I’m out there to put somebody away. I make it a fight.”

Girtz says he’s there to put on a show. He feels like his fan friendly style is going to make for a great night of fighting at Bellator 239. Girtz says fans don’t come to see points, the want to see fighters put it all on the line.

“That’s what the fans come to see. It’s the fight. Most of them come there to watch two people put it down. When I go out there, I lay it all on the line. That’s my style. It just translates to good for the fans. I learned a long time ago that at the end of the day, we’re in the entertainment business. That just happens to be my style. I’m going out there not looking to not to lose. That’s not my style. I’m looking to put somebody away.”

Staying Active

Girtz wants to stay active and fight three times this year. He plans on fighting well and making a run at the Bellator lightweight title.

“Really, all I’m looking at is that I’m trying to fight three times this year, whoever that may be. I do like the top competition. I’d like to fight Primus because he’s up there in the rankings. My vision is to fight for the title. I’ve never got the chance to fight for a title yet. That’s what I’m looking to do but I know I got to stay active and pray to the gods that I stay healthy.”

Unfortunately for Brandon Girtz, he has never fought for a title in his life. Not in Bellator or even in the regional scene. He’s had all these big fights but never fought for a strap.

“Every time I’m right there on the edge, I get a setback. It’s been like that. I’ve been with Bellator for seven years. Every time I’m right there, a setback happens. If that’s an injury or a loss, that’s what’s been happening. Yes, it’s a little crazy, but to tell you the truth, I’ve never fought for a title my whole life. It’s one of those things, I’ve never been in this for titles. I never cared, I was out to be in a fight. Now, I’ve been in the game a while and I’ve gone this long without fighting for the title and it’s been in my head a little bit.”

Bellator 227 had Brandon Girtz scheduled to fight Jon Tuck. Girtz was forced to pull out because of an injury. He recounts the mental struggle he went through in that specific fight.

“I just hurt myself in sparring, man, Literally two days before I was supposed to fly out. I wasn’t really a bad surgery, but it wasn’t a bad, bad injury. It didn’t take me that long to heal up and be ready for this one, but obviously it was one of the ones where I was literally flying out two days later. It was pretty sickening. Not much to say on it, man. That hurt.”

The Bellator Resurgence

Bellator is signing some of the biggest names in the martial arts world. They’ve signed Jury, Cris Cyborg, Gegard Mousasi, Ryan Bader, and many more. They are building a stable of some of the best fighters in the world. Girtz is excited to be a part of the company that is growing leaps and bounds year over year. He has one specific goal in mind: cross promotion bouts.

“I’ve always been proud to be with Bellator since I’ve been with them. They’ve only been growing. I’ve been there with them that whole time. I’ve been in Bellator seven, shit, eight years. It’s been a long time and I’ve stuck with them and I like being with them and seeing the growth that they’ve had. Bringing in the bigger names and one day, I doubt it be during my career, I’d like to see the playing fields even out for the fighters. That’s the end goal. I’m not against UFC, I’m not against PFL, I’m not against any of the other places. I’m about the fighters. The better the platforms we have, the more even the playing field is, the better it is for us.”

Predicting Bellator 241

Bellator 241 is headlined by a the return of Patricio Pitbull as he takes on Pedro Carvalho. Brandon Girtz weighed in on the main event and how he thought it would go down.

“That’s a tough one, I think Bader takes it. I think he’s on a confidence roll right now. He’s a very, I want to call him a solid fighter. He doesn’t leave a lot of openings to lose or to get knocked out. There’s not a lot of holes in his game plan. Everything is pretty clean, tight, his attacks, everything. It’s tight and clean. If I was a betting man, which I am, I would be betting betting on Bader.”

Brandon Girtz plans to put on a fantastic show against Myles Jury at Bellator 239 this weekend. Be sure to follow Girtz on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to follow his fight journey!

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