Cass Bell Interview: Bellator Standout

My relationship with Cass Bell is funny. It started right on the eve of Bellator 206. On Instagram he had posted a picture of Rampage Jackson and Wanderlei Silva, who were to fight in the co-main event. Out of the blue I commented that I’m excited for the fight. Bell asked if I would be there, unfortunately I would not. When I asked if he would Bell responded, “Of course, I’m fighting.” Cass Bell was only 1-0 at the time. He would go on to rattle off another three wins since then, all finishes. His last was on ESPN.

Now, Bell is getting ready to go for his fifth career win at Bellator 235 against Pierre Daguzan. In this interview we talk that ESPN highlight, fighting in Hawaii, and more.

Bell is strolling into a relatively short notice fight. But, he is always in the gym, training, getting better and he feels as if it will pay off for him in this specific situation.

“It’s a short notice fight. It’s been go, go, go, and train, train, train. I’m making sure I got my cardio on point and I’m fight ready.”

Bell wants this life. He was born for it. He has dedicated his body to this sport and hasn’t even hit his stride yet.

“I want to fight as much as I can. Obviously, I need to rest sometimes, but my last fight lasted 93 seconds. I took no damage, I was ready to fight next weekend if I had to. I thought I was going to be fighting in LA under the Cyborg card but they called me up and asked if I want to fight in Hawaii. I was like, ‘Heck yeah, I would love to do that.’ So we jumped on this short notice fight and I’m going for it.”

The weight cut is always one of the hardest parts of preparation for a fighter. Bell is going through that now. Food is on his mind.

“After my fight, I’m definitely hitting up some Hawaiian barbecue. Before the fight, I want to get some sushi. In the islands, I’ve heard good stories about their food. So after the fight, I’m going to do the whole thing and try to eat everything but I’m definitely doing Hawaiian barbecue, probably multiple times.” (I know you’re cutting weight, Cass. Sorry I had to remind you of Hawaiian barbecue.)

Cass Bell’s career has begun at an incredibly rapid pace. His first professional fight was at Bellator 199 in May 2018. A year and seven months later, he’s going for his fifth win. He already has a highlight on ESPN, as mentioned earlier.

Bell says, “My last fight I was on ESPN. That was awesome. I never thought that I’d be on ESPN that soon in my career. I thought it was going to take a couple more highlight reel moments.”

Cass Bell Perfecting His Craft

Bell likes to entertain. That’s the fun in it for him. But with entertainment comes the benefit of controlling your destiny and not leaving the fight to the judges. “I always try to put on a good show and I always like trying to finish the dude. I never like leaving it in the hands of the judges,” says Bell. He continues, “I’m predicting, like I normally do, that the first round is going to be a knockout, and I know he’s tough, but if not [a knockout] then I’m definitely going to submit him.”

Bell knows a one trick pony rarely ever goes far in this sport. With so many skills and talents to master, he knows to truly be the best, he has to master them all.

“If I see an opening, I try to get him with whatever opening I see. I try to train it all. It’s mixed martial arts and I’m trying to get good at all of it. You know, it’s hard, really hard, I know I have a lot more to work on. It’s just the simple things I’ve been getting better at. If it goes to the ground, I feel good with my jits. If it’s standing, and he keeps the pressure and keeps doing what he’s doing, I feel I can get a nice knockout on my record.”

Hand in hand with getting better is sharpening existing tools and adding new ones to the arsenal.

“Every fight camp I’m adding something new. Maybe not brand new, it might be something I’ve worked on in the past and I’m bringing it back. Especially when we see whoever I’m fighting. My coaches say we should bring something back. So it’s definately given me new things you guys haven’t seen before. It just all depends on what he wants to do. If he wants to keep it standing, I got some cool moves I got planned out. If he wants to go to the ground, then I got awesome jits moves also. It just all depends on where he wants to go there.”

Cass Bell will be going for 5-0 this weekend at Bellator 235. Be sure to watch on DAZN as he’s getting ready for another highlight finish!

Check out Cass Bell’s ESPN highlight!

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Cass Bell Interview: Bellator Standout

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