Colby Covington vs. Kamaru Usman: UFC 245 Preview

UFC 245 is nearly upon us and two of the hungriest UFC brawlers are looking ahead to their blockbuster bout in the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington is lined up for a momentous clash with Kamaru ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ Usman on the 14th December, in the curtain-raiser event to polish off a sensational year of UFC.

Both warriors share mirrored records when the stats are put under a microscope — and ironically — Kamaru has beaten the only opponent Colby has lost to, and Colby has beaten the only opponent Kamaru has suffered a defeat to.

This interesting fight observation will resonate in both camps and one as well as the other will be strategizing ahead of their skirmish. There has been increased tension between the two fighters for the better part of a year and bad blood is slowly starting to surface.

Many fans believe these two have identical fighting styles, both encompassing relentless pressure, endless cardio and both possessing the gift of pace setting in fights. UFC 245 looks set to have all the elements of a goliath showdown and will have the fans on the edge of their seats to view another enthralling spectacle from the UFC.

Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington’s Credentials

Covington is coming off the back of a dominate win over Robbie Lawler after the UFC super villain out-wrestled and outstriked the former Welterweight Champion of the World. The fans expected the ‘Ruthless’ one to combat Colby’s takedowns and put the challenger on to the canvas, but Colby shocked the UFC nation.

Covington steered well clear of Lawler’s big shots and kept the former champion at bay all evening, dancing around the Robbie’s punching prowess. The pressure Covington also applied to Lawler was overwhelming — striking and taking down his fellow Californian.

Unsurprisingly, the odds were in favour of Lawler — who has already proven his pedigree — winning the Welterweight Championship back in December, 2014 against Johny Hendricks.

Colby’s enforcing pressure persisted and he landed 10 out of 18 takedowns — while peppering Lawler with 515 significant strikes over a five-round period. Covington’s proficiency and attrition made the veteran work tirelessly and persistent blows to each side of Lawler’s head made it a no-brainer when it came to the unanimous decision.

Make America Great Again

The victory has catapulted the American patriot to a title shot, following seven straight wins. Covington basks in the fact that he incites hatred upon himself — a right-winged political figure in the UFC world — he has taken it upon himself to become relentless in his pursuits to offend and win.

All of this showboating is by calculated design and when he arrives his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat is his favourite accoutrement. Colby ensures he is surrounded by a melange of under-dressed women and solicits venom by co-opting Kurt Angle’s infamous ‘You Suck’ WWE walkout music.

Covington has made some serious waves in the UFC world and has firmly planted the spotlight on himself. Irrefutably, the American is a great UFC fighter and has the heart of a champion and will strive to become the very best while being equally judged and hated.

Kamaru Usman Ushers in Big Win

Kamaru Usman, who also is coasting off the back of a dominant win against the Welterweight Champion at the time Tyron Woodley. Usman, who went into the fight as a huge underdog in most fans’ minds displayed masterful effort as he dispatched Woodley over the five rounds.

The Nigerian Native transitioned into challenger to champion as he scored a shutout unanimous decision to claim the Welterweight crown and became the first African-born fighter to wear gold.

Usman started the bout off with a successful single leg takedown and this set the tempo for the Championship showdown. Woodley counted with a brief guillotine choke attempt, but ultimately was prematurely shell-shocked by the Nigerian’s determination and power.

Usman’s fast start extended into the second round and was punctuated with a big elbow followed by a huge takedown. Usman had nullified Woodley and the ‘Chosen One’ offered virtually nothing offensively, after defending wave after wave of strikes.

After five rounds of pure-power from the ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ — Woodley had succumbed to the concept of defeat. Tyron’s suspicions were true when he heard Usman had dethroned him from the refs’ scorecard decision and overwhelmed the American wrestler.

Immigrant to Inspiration

The Nigerian was born in his native country but left for Arlington in Texas at a young age when his family migrated. Usman was forced to throw hands early as a rite of passage for any child learning to adapt to new surroundings.

Usman discovered wrestling at high school, eventually switching to mixed martial arts in 2012. Kamaru was still a wrestler and his vulnerabilities were exposed early on after clear loss the next year. After learning of his weaknesses — the Nigerian became a hybrid and adopted boxing styles into his fighting routine.

Usman, who boasts an impressive 14 win-streak, has stamped his authority on the Welterweight division and can stand tall that he is the current holder of the belt.

Who Prevails?

With both fighters mimicking fight styles, this fight could lean either way. Covington has shown us time and time again why we shouldn’t underestimate him. Colby can be confident in his volume punching and pressure game, while he hasn’t tasted the sour taste of defeat in almost four years which will galvanise the American.

Usman has a tremendous engine and this injects integral strengths to his weaker game. Apart from the Nigerian’s incredible cardio, he is a sensational athlete who throws his all into a fight. The Nigerian will focus more on his wrestling game to overwhelm Covington and will try and take the stamina war to him.

Attrition is a major key in this bout and the fans have a plethora of excitement to look forward to when these two warriors enter the the octagon on December 14 .

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