Wilder Ortiz 2 Aftermath: Danger Close With The Bronze Bomber

Normally I reserve Aftermath for UFC cards. The UFC keeps things simple. Fighters only fight within the organization and will either fight someone slightly better or slightly slightly below them. In boxing, there are so many more athletes and many organizations that promote fights. That said, both Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz have very clear futures ahead. And with no UFC card this week or next, we can use some speculation.


Here are some thoughts on Deontay Wilder:

Next opponent for Luis Ortiz: Joseph Parker, Alexander Povetkin

Let’s face it, at 40, Luis Ortiz is running out of time. While heavyweights careers extend often into their 40s, the division is getting younger and more skilled. Luis Ortiz is a very technically sound boxer. His career is just blemished by the late start (he started his professional career at 31 due to an incredibly lengthy amateur career with a record of 349-19.

The clock is ticking for Luis Ortiz. He mistakenly thought that the Deontay Wilder match was his best way to a belt and it led to him being knocked out twice.

Of course, Ortiz will have a tune up fight after being knocked out by Wilder. But after that he should waste no time in getting a fight with a tougher opponent. While likely will not get the winner of Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua, Ortiz can take on some vets that have faced Joshua to put him in the trajectory needed to face the winner. Joseph Parker is a very technically sound boxer and a former world title holder. After Joshua beat Parker, Parker, too, is looking for his way back to the title. A win for either would be a very fun and technically sound fight.

If we’re sticking with the “whoever Anthony Joshua beat” path for Ortiz, Alexander Povetkin is another option. Povetkin is older in age, but the Russian has beat David Price and Hughie Fury. With his only two losses being to Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko, Povetkin is a power puncher that could test Ortiz’ game planning and see if he can handle that power puncher or if Wilder has rented out his head.

Next opponent for Deontay Wilder: Tyson Fury, Ruiz/Joshua Winner

Deontay Wilder isn’t the most technical boxer. But goddamnit he can punch the lights out of anyone. He just might be the hardest puncher in the history of the sport. At 34 years old, he’s now 42-0-1 with 41 knockouts. To put that in perspective, at 34, Mike Tyson was 48-3-2 with 42 knockouts. Tyson has ten more fights and only one more knockout. That’s an 82% knockout rate for Tyson. Wilder has a knockout rate of 95%. That is mind boggling.

As I mentioned earlier, Wilder isn’t the most technically sound boxer. But does it really matter? With the power to end it at any point in the fight, Wilder is never out in a fight.

Deontay Wilder will likely take a tune up fight as well. After that, there are two fights for The Bronze Bomber. First is the awaited rematch with Tyson Fury. Fury and Wilder battled to an epic draw last December. The two need to close the door on that chapter of each of their careers before moving forward.

Because boxing is a finicky sport, Wilder-Fury 2 might not happen. If that’s the case, it’s time to make the biggest fight possible. Wilder should take on the winner of Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua 2. It would unify all the major belts in the heavyweight division and fans have been begging for Wilder to get a shot at unification for a long time.

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