Zach Stewart Interview: Familial Ties That Bind

Zach Stewart’s career is young, but his fighting roots are old. Before he was around, Stewart’s father was a state champion wrestler. Stewart began wrestling at a young age after being tormented by older brothers.

He has turned the brotherly fighting into a profession. The MMA fighter sits 1-1 after dropping his recent fight to former interviewee Ridge Harmon at RUF MMA 36. He is not satisfied yet, but he continues to learn.

“It’s not 100% where I want to be, but I believe it is a great start,” said Stewart.

Although he is not sitting with a perfect record, he is eager every day to step into the octagon.

“At Iron Boy, I got so excited that I was getting in there for the first time and make my dreams come true,” said Stewart. “I’m someone who has always been watching UFC.  That moment when you are walking down the stage, getting the vaseline, and now that is all in my head.”

Stewart’s trainers struggle to end his practices too. If he is planned to practice for two hours, he wants to train for three. If he is supposed to work on jiu-jitsu, he also wants to develop his boxing.

His relentless dedication to his amateur name is making him a lock for the professionals one day.

“I am that guy who is at practice seven days a week,” said Stewart. “When I need a rest day, I just won’t go as hard.”

The hard work shows in his attitude on fight night. The fan-favorite, young fighter flips a switch when he steps into the octagon.

“On fight day, I am not the same guy as I am every other day,” said Stewart. “I go out there, and I’m set out to kill. I’m vicious, and I’m not afraid of anybody.”

After dropping the recent fight, Stewart is not worried. He knows the crowd will always love him. He is a humble fighter that shows his energy through his fights.

Zach Stewart, Family First

With all these fans, who are the closest to Stewart?  Family.

Family is the most significant influence of Stewart and began his fighting career. Unfortunately, his mentality changed to being a fighter after losing his father in high school.

“It made me get a very hard shell. I was always defending myself against everybody,” said Stewart.

However, hardships turned him into triumph. He took the struggles and left all he had on the canvas day in and day out. He had a mentality of never backing down because he knew what all this meant to him deep in his mind.

Although the family culture is not the stereotypical family, he knows that his support will always be there for him.

“I was in group homes up all the way up from fifth grade up to high school. I technically haven’t seen my mom or my dad since I was in fifth grade,” said Stewart. “I have seven siblings, and I have always had my siblings close to me, and I believe they support me 100%.”

They do cover his back as his brother was by his side after being knocked out. The only words he could say to Stewart was he was so proud and to keep his head up.

Stewart added that his brother was ready to jump in the cage and take on Harmon just out of love.

He also credits his roars to his family. Although his best friend is not blood-related, he and his family have supported Stewart forever.

“My best friend’s dad and my best friend’s mom basically took that role of being my parents,” said Stewart.

Most importantly, Stewart has a young daughter who plays a pivotal role in his life too. She may be young, but her affection and support of her father are matched like no other.

“My daughter is a natural wrestler. She is already taking me down. She is going to be growing up in that setting,” said Stewart.

The setting is shining bright on Stewart as he is leaning toward a return to the octagon in January. Before that, he will be training day and night and continuing to earn gold in the jiu-jitsu tournaments he competes in.

The young fighter is ready for January, though, as well as his dream fight.

“I want to go on Dana White’s Contender Series, and I want to go get my contract,” said Stewart.

He inches closer every minute to the contract and reaching the main objective, the gold title.

“I have nothing but gold ahead of me, and I’m not going to stop until I get there.”

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