Taimuraz Salkazanov Interview: Worlds to the Olympics

Taimuraz Salkazanov is coming off a bronze medal in this year’s World Championships. He competes at 79 kilograms, which is a stacked division at the World level of wrestling, despite being a non-Olympic weight. Along with Kyle Dake, Jabrayil Hasanov, and Gadzhi Nabiev, Salkazanov proved he was among the cream of the crop. We took some time in this interview to get to know the Slovakian wrestler.

Salkazanov had tough competition to go through at Worlds this year. He won matches against Ayoub Barraj of Tunisia, Gombodorj Dorjvanchig of Mongolia, and Jitender Jitender of India before falling to Jabrayil Hasanov, who would go on to win the silver medal. He defeated Kazakhstan’s Galymzhan Usserbayev to clinch the bronze medal, his first on the senior World Championship level.

Salkazanov and his wrestling talent is a family trait. He says, “I have been wrestling for ten years. My father’s brother was my first coach. I have a family of wrestlers, therefore, it was already clear that I would wrestle.” It is no doubt that wrestling is in his blood. After Taimuraz Salkazanov won gold at U23 in 2018 over a future World champion in David Baev, it was very clear he had legitimate talent.

Taimuraz Salkazanov And The Olympics

Salkazanov is not letting his success he’s had at Worlds get to his head. “The first task is qualification for the Olympic Games.”

That is every wrestlers dream, the Olympics. The 2020 Tokoyo Games are right around the corner. “The main task of a wrestler is the Olympic Games,” says Salkazanov. “Same goes for me. I want to be Olympic unit champions.”

The Slovakian medalist is happy to be seen on such a world stage. “It is very nice to hear congratulations. The coach, parents, relatives, friends, all worry about me and always get sick. I would like to please them more often.” Winning a medal at the World Championships is a good way to qualm their stomachs.

Salkazanov Outside The Sport and the Future

Wrestling does not leave much time for much else. Salkazanov devotes his time mainly to the sport. “Almost all my time, I devote to sports. In my free time I recover. Sometimes I play the guitar.”

As for his future, Salkazanov has his mind on the present. He’s not concerned about the future. His mind is here and now. “I have not thought about what I will do after the sport. It’s too early to think about it.”

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Watch Taymuraz Salkazanov defeat Galymzhan Usserbayev to win bronze at the 2019 Wrestling World Championships

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