Ridge Harmon: The Beginning of a Legend

After going to RUF MMA, one amateur blew the minds of the fans. The young Washington native Ridge Harmon, whose knock out was electrifying throughout the coliseum.

The MMA culture is nothing new to Harmon as he has been a fan since the Rampage Jackson days.

“Back in the day, I found myself watching MMA, and so I was almost a fan of the sport first and then I had some fights in high school,” said Harmon.

High school Harmon remembered where he began to build the reputation of being the next MMA fighter. Harmon said that he knocked a kid out, but it did not end there as he began to analyze how he fought too.

“I remember after the fight, I just kept thinking about every single scenario, every situation that happened in that fight, the different things I could have done, and in a sense I became obsessed,” said Harmon

Harmon started at the bottom. He had no experience in man-to-man combat and not enough money to make the jump.

He would pick up 12-hour Amazon shifts, a minimum wage job at McDonald’s, a job at Skyzone, then finally land as a caregiver.

The determination and hard-work are Harmon’s standards. He refused to give up on pursuing his dream and fought on due to his standards.

“I believe in the law of attraction,” Harmon said. “I believe if you put your mind forward to something, you dedicate everything you have into it, continue to have a solid work ethic, and you believe in yourself, the time will come.”

Ridge Harmon: Starting With a Bang!

Harmon’s time started recently after proving he has a bulletproof mindset. The 2-0 amateur has competed in two separate networks, Iron Boy Promotions, and RUF MMA.

Not only was it astonishing for fans, but the atmosphere gave Harmon the feeling he was one step close to reaching the top.

“It was all really professional, and it was really cool on how they had it, so we come out on the stage, and we got to walk down,” said Harmon.

Unfortunately, RUF MMA gave him the wrong introduction song, but the calm and collected fighter continued to dominate in the octagon.


After a Round 2 TKO, Harmon is eager to jump back into the ring. He is practicing every day on a strict schedule that bounces around his work and eyeing the nearest return.

Harmon said he is looking forward to either the November 16th Iron Boy card or the RUF MMA card in December. Either way, he wants his dream soon.

“Even if it’s not Iron Boy or RUF, I just want to get back in there before the end of the year and keep this ball rolling,” said Harmon.

Nearing a 3-0 start to his career, Harmon has his goals once he reaches the UFC.

“I want to be the first three-weight world champion. I want to be a 145, 155, and 170 [champion], the first-ever.”

The soon to be 3-0 star wants three belts. Those three belts, however, do not need to be in front of hundreds of thousands of fans in MGM Casino or Madison Square Garden. Instead, he would love to go to his hometown and perform in front of his family and friends at T-Mobile Park in Seattle.

“I would want to fight the world champion,” said Harmon. “[I would] get in there, and put the world champion to sleep and raise my belt in front of my people.”

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