Holding Journalists Accountable: Mayweather vs. McGregor Pre-Fight Predictions

Sports writers are funny (including myself). We say outlandish things to get attention so you will read our articles. I mean ANYTHING. The bout between UFC mega star, Conor McGregor, and boxing all time great, Floyd Mayweather, is no different.

There have been some crazy predictions leading up to this fight. I’ve compiled them in a list and today we will analyze how they have stood the test of time now that Floyd has put the debate to rest in the 10th round.

Perpetrator: Max Kellerman, ESPN’s First Take, 6/15/2017

I mean, come on Max. That was a stupid claim. Conor landed more than one punch. In fact, he landed more punches in 9 rounds than Manny Pacquiao did in 12. Although, Floyd’s gameplan was a bit different for each fight, with him being more aggressive in the McGregor fight allowing Conor to wear himself out early on, numbers don’t lie. McGregor landed more on Floyd. Max, better luck next time.

Perpetrator: Floyd Mayweather, 6/15/2017

Well, you did it, Floyd. You have the best record in boxing history. You did it with near perfection too, never beingknocked down. Although I did not watch boxing throughout your career, I’m happy I got to see you make history. Looking back at all of your fights, you deserve it. Congrats!

Perpetrator: Brendan Schaub, 6/19/2017

Brendan and Max Kellerman have a little bit of money riding in one round.

Well, Brendan, congrats! Collect that check! Officially Conor only won one round, but we all know the judges were not watching the same fight. Conor took it to Floyd in the first 4 rounds, winning them in the fans eyes, and the judges decided, collectively, he only won the first. And they wonder why boxing is dying. I mean, have a look at this score card:

Perpetrator: Tyson Fury, 6/26/2017

Well, the fight went to the 10th round. So, a little more than 35 seconds in. Sorry, Tyson, looks like you were wrong here.

Perpetrator: Conor McGregor 7/10/2017

With everything in him, Conor threw his best shots to put down the great Floyd Mayweather. He caught him with some great shots, wore on him in the early rounds, and ultimately, punched himself clean out of stamina. Floyd had the perfect gameplan for McGregor. Instead of you punch then I punch, Floyd said, “Conor, you throw ALL your punches first. Then I will start punching you.” It worked masterfully.

Perpetrator: Floyd Mayweather 7/10/2017

Floyd said he will knock Conor McGregor out. Floyd knocked Conor McGregor out, despite what everyone thought. Floyd hunted McGregor down in the later rounds and put him away in the 10th. To Conor’s dismay, it wasn’t on his back like he wanted, but a knock out is a knock out. Floyd still had a little juice in his tank!

Perpetrator: Mike Tyson 7/25/2017

Mike, you’re a legend, and I would have loved to seen you take someone out in the octagon. You have unmatched power. It’s incredible. But, Conor made the post fight conference alive and well. Unless he has some effects lurking in his brain that is a time bomb waiting to off Conor McGregor, he will continue to walk amongst us mortals. So, no. Conor didn’t get killed.

Perpetrator: Conor McGregor 8/22/2017

Eh, you were reasonable saying Floyd wouldn’t make it out the fourth round. But after the switch to 8oz gloves, you said you didn’t expect him to make it out the second round, then the first round, and, as seen here, the tenth second. No dice there, Conor. We all know how the fight ended up. You’re still the champ-champ in my book.

Perpetrator: Skip Bayless 8/26/2017

Skip, Skip, Skip. This tweet here didn’t age quite well. But, such is the life of an analyst. You made your best call, going against both Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman. Took some brass, but no. Floyd is 50 — 0 now. The best ever. You’re still the man though.

Post Fight Thoughts

Now that the spectacle that is Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor is finished and we have had some time to reflect on the fight and it’s implications on both boxing and MMA.

1. First, Floyd is one of the greatest boxers ever. It’s hard to claim one is the best ever when your sport has been around since 688 BC. But, you have the best record ever and you have never been knocked down. You’re the best tactician this generation has ever seen. They have thrown so many fighters and different fighting styles at you. Canelo, PacMan, and even an MMA fighter. You conquered all of them. You fought a great career and I’m glad I got to witness the last fight. Props to you, sir.

2. Conor McGregor, you are a great tactician. You came in and did everything you could to put down the least hit fighter ever. Floyd is elusive and fast. But you took on the challenge, something that drives you in life, and you didn’t get destroyed, but you took it to one of the best of all time. You showed you deserved to be in the boxing ring and if you wanted, you could compete for a title. But, we all know you dislike the limited skillset and I look forward to you terrorizing the UFC for the next few years.

3. To the boxing community: it’s sad to see your sport go. But, with the corruption in the administration, it might be time for an overhaul. You have Canelo and GGG coming up, but I’m not sure the world even cares after that. Maybe WME (the parent company of the UFC) and Dana White will bring back som uniformity and integrity back to your world. Be on the lookout for Zuffa boxing. Dana is coming and they know how to build stars.

4. To the MMA and UFC community: thank god this is all over. We enjoyed the spectacle, the trash talk, and even the fight, something we all doubted would be good. But now, we’re returning to the normal. We have a few interim belts to get rid of. Tony Fergueson and Kevin Lee are fighting for next shot at Conor in the octagon. We have Mighty Mouse about to break the all time title defense record, Stipe Miocic about to break the heavyweight title defense record, and Jon Jones is in trouble again. All is normal in the MMA world. UFC 215 is in two weeks and we are going to have a good schedule ahead of us. Looking forward to 2018. #McGregorNurmagomedovRussia

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