Let’s Give Joe Rogan a Break

As the MMA community crushes Joe Rogan for his post-knockout, immediate in-ring interview with a on Saturday night, we ask: Does he deserve it?

This past weekend at UFC 214, Jon Jones beat Daniel Cormier to reclaim his light heavyweight championship belt. The outcome, a disorienting kick to the head, is simply part of this sport. The pounding of DC’s head into the mat, also, is part of this sport. And post-fight interviews, are part of this sport as well. Mixed martial arts is a violent sport. Point blank.

After the crushing defeat, UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, did his customary in-octagon interview with Jones, the newly crowned king. He then proceeded to do the one thing he claims to hate; he interviewed the freshly knocked out, Daniel Cormier.

Now the emotional toll of losing a belt that you have always doubted what was yours, and most likely a concussion put DC in an emotional state not fit for an interview, and everyone watching knew it.

Joe Rogan’s Apology

Rogan abruptly ended the talk and finished off his night. Over the weekend, backlash arose for him even conducting an interview in such a state. While Rogan has said many times on his podcast that he does not like interviewing knocked out fighters, he did so anyhow. However, in the days following, he went on to apologize to Cormier and expressed genuine concern, as he always does. Here is his series of brutally honest and humbling tweets:

After such an apology, why are we going to continue to hold it against him?

Previously, he made a similar “mistake” and interviewed Alistair Overeem after being put down by heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic. Unfortunately, this one is much more relevant, though. We can agree that he did make a HUGE mistake and this will linger in his head next time a fighter is knocked out cold. I can guarantee this won’t happen again.

Let’s just give our favorite combat sport commentator a break!

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