UFC 213 Aftermath: Mauled by Pullouts

#UFC213 Aftermath: Mauled By Pullouts

This card was supposed to be one of the best of the year. First the long-awaited title fight between bantamweight champion, Cody Garbrandt, and TJ Dillashaw was canceled due to Garbrandt having a back injury. Next, the fight I’ve been waiting for, Ruthless Robbie Lawler and Cowboy Cerrone was nixed due to a blood infection on Ceronne’s end. Lastly, Amanda Nunes pulls out the day of the fight AFTER being medically cleared to fight. But, all in all, it was a very good and enjoyable card with some good fights.

Let’s take a look at a few of UFC 213’s highlights in this edition of Aftermath.

Travis Browne Loses to Alexey Oleynik

Result: Browne submitted by Oliynyk with a rear naked choke in the second round.

It might be that time for Travis Browne. On a three fight losing skid to Derrick Lewis, Fabricio Werdum, and Cain Velasquez, even Dana White admits it might be time for Browne to hang the gloves up. He didn’t look very good the whole fight, nor the last one versus Lewis. He gasses easy and does not have what it take to be elite anymore.

Sadly (or not so sadly), Travis Browne’s biggest achievement in the octagon will be nabbing Ronda Rousey. The two got engaged in April.

Anthony Pettis defeats Jim Miller

Result: Pettis and Miller go the distance with Pettis getting the decision unanimously

Anthony Pettis has had a fall from grace about as hard as almost anyone in the UFC. Dubbed “the next big thing” among the rise of Conor McGregor, Showtime has suffered losses to Max Holloway, Edson Barboza, Eddie Alvarez, and Rafael Dos Anjos. These are all fantastic fighters but each pointed out Pettis weakness, his ground game.

Pettis looks good as usual in his striking this match. But he’s quick to lose to a fighter with moderate wrestling ability. If he wants to compete at his weight class after returning to lightweight.

Alistair Overeem defeats Fabricio Werdum

Result: Reem and Werdum go the distance with Alistair winning a majority decision.

The third matchup between these two titans was supposed to be a war. Instead we had an overly conservative Alistair Overeem and a confident, but ineffective, Fabricio Werdum.

With the two heavyweights trading strikes at a slow pace most of the fight, Werdum rocked Overeem’s glass jaw in the third and took him down and did work that many assumed, including me, locked up the fight for Werdum. But it was not to be.

Being a title eliminator, both fighters looked slow and showed their age. It seemed as if their best days are behind them. And, if rumors are true and Cain Velasquez has the next shot at champ, Stipe Miocic, Overeem will be facing the winner of that. (My money is on Stipe.)

Robert Whittaker wins the interim title from Yoel Romero

Wether he’s trying to collect an easy check off an old GSP, or ducking fighters due to energy, middleweight must go on with or without Michael Bisping. And Bisping’s ducking may have cost Yoel Romero his only chance at a title.

Romero has been the #1 contender for a while now and has been begging for a fight with Michael Bisping, a champ that many see as vulnerable. Instead the UFC decides to give Georges St-Pierre a title shot out of the blue. Then, GSP pulls out AFTER Romero gets matched up to Robert Whittaker. Now, they’re fighting for an interim belt.

It wasn’t in the UFC Gods head that Romero was winning this fight. Whittaker commanded Yoel around all night. While Romero had some shining moments early on, his age ultimately did him in and he gassed in the championship rounds. Robert Whittaker took advantage of his high fighter’s IQ and took incredibly smart strikes, picking apart Romero, all while showing stunning takedown defense.

It’s going to be a long night for Michael Bisping when he decides to defend his belt against an actual contender instead of retiring, on his way out, Dan Henderson (a fight he should have lost).

What’s next for Amanda Nunes?

Obviously she has to fight Valentina Schevchenko next. Rumor has it they’ll reschedule for September. But, the god-killer is under fire from a lot of people, including Dana White, for pulling out of the fight the day of the event after being medically cleared.

White went so far as to say Amanda Nunes will never headline a main card again, which can’t be good when your boss says these things.

She will probably defend her title a couple times from here, get cocky, challenge Chris Cyborg and die in the octagon. Time will tell.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk is the fighter we need, but not the fighter we deserve

How bad ass is Joanna Champion? Less than 12 hours notice and she is BEGGING Dana White to step in for Nunes to fight Schevchenko. She was backstage running drills with her coach and was ready to go.

Unfortunately, the athletic commission said, “No ma’am.” She continued to work for this fight but the timeframe was too short and nothing came of it.

Looking closer, the fight was a lose-lose for the UFC and a bit risky for Joanna. If Joanna Jedrzejczyk stepped in and won, Schevchenko would lose her title shot most likely, ruining months of PR for the UFC with Nunes vs. Schevchenko. If Joanna loses, she loses her mysticism and bragging rights, even if she is stepping up two weight classes.

Ultimately, the fight not happening was best for both the UFC and Joanna. Her next fight, which should be announced soon, will be hyped beyond what she’s seen before.

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